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Who we are

The British Psychological Society is a registered charity responsible for the development, promotion and application of psychology for the public good.

Through our Royal Charter we are charged with overseeing psychology and psychologists in the UK, and we are governed by a number of democratically-elected boards and committees.

Strategic Framework

This strategy aims to define the purpose, vision, values and initiatives of the BPS until the end of 2022, to what we all hope will be a post-Covid era.

It captures our aim to grow as an organisation – in reach, influence, impact – so that we can work collaboratively across the society to provide high quality guidance, support and services for psychologists and the wider psychological workforce, support the advancement of psychology, and place psychology at the centre of tackling wider societal issues.

Six strategic goals make up this strategy which bridge the gap between where we are now and where we want to be:

  • We will promote and advocate for diversity and inclusion within the discipline and profession of psychology and work to eradicate discriminatory practice.
  • We will strive to create a vibrant member-centred community with a meaningful membership identity.
  • We will promote the value of and encourage collaboration in interdisciplinary development and engagement.
  • We will be the home for all psychology and psychologists and uphold the highest standards of education and practice.
  • We will increase our influence and impact and advance our work on policy and advocacy.
  • We will strive to be more innovative, agile, adaptive and sustainable.

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