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Who we are

The British Psychological Society is a registered charity responsible for the development, promotion and application of psychology for the public good.

Through our Royal Charter we are charged with overseeing psychology and psychologists in the UK, and we are governed by a number of democratically-elected boards and committees.

Rules and statutes

The following documents set out the requirements and codes of conduct to which our members and subscribers are expected to adhere.

In addition, our Royal Charter & Statutes (granted in 1965) serve as the governing documents of the society from which its aims and objectives are derived.

Issues of structure, financing, and membership are dealt with and ratified by our Annual General Meeting.

Meetings and minutes

The Board of Trustees and The Representative Council (which consists of representatives from all of the society's current Member Networks, in addition to our regular trustees) meets every three months to discuss current and future issues affecting the running of the BPS.

Minutes from these meetings are available below.

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