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QEPS Chief Assessor

With the upcoming changes to the Qualification in Educational Psychology (Scotland), the Qualification Board will be expanding the number of roles to ensure that that the qualification can continue to support candidates, supervisors, assessors and the future of the profession.

The Qualification Board is made up of Educational Psychologists working at different levels and across different services throughout Scotland. Members benefit from being involved in the shaping of Educational Psychology provision in Scotland as well as being able to add to their own professional development.

The additional roles will ensure more Educational Psychologists are involved in the qualification delivery going forward and will allow them to benefit from experiencing the best practice being delivered on the qualification across Scotland.

The Role of Chief Assessor

We are looking for two Chief Assessors to join the board to work with three Lead Supervisors and the Programme Lead. Tasks are outlined in the table below.

To allow applicants to assess how this role can fit in with their current work and commitments we have also outlined the time the tasks should take and when each task can be expected to take place.

The role will be paid on a sessional basis, with 1 session equalling half a day or around 4 hours at £124.




Reading assessor reports

½ hour per report (15 reports per year)

June and September

2 sessions = £248

Feedback to assessors regarding some assessments

1 day per year

June and September

2 sessions = £248

Session with MSc Students

½ day prep and ½ day delivery (only 1 Lead Assessor required per year)


2 sessions = £248

Annual training session for assessors

½ day preparation and ½ day delivery (online) supported by BPS


2 sessions = £248

Attendance at board meetings

2 x ½ day per year + ½ day for actions

May and August

No payment for meeting attendance

Miscellaneous queries

½ day per year

Year round

1 session = £124

1 session is equivalent to a half day or ~4 hours

The Chief Assessors are supported throughout by the BPS Professional Development Delivery Team. This team will be responsible for the administration of the qualification as well as dealing directly with candidates and their queries.

The qualification will be facilitated through a new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which will make access to all resources, work and information seamless and easy. Going forward the VLE will be used to support training for assessors through online delivery and e-learning. The facilitation of the training will also be supported by the BPS Professional Development Delivery Team.

The Chief Assessors will also benefit from the cost of their membership to the Scottish Division of Educational Psychology being covered by the BPS.

Membership to the division is required for the role. Find out more about the division and their work..

Person Specification

The successful applicant will have:

  • Significant experience as a Chartered Psychologist, Full Membership of the Scottish Division of Educational Psychology and registration with the Health and Care Professions Council as an educational psychologist.

  • an interest in training and the competencies required to practice educational psychology

  • experience of examining at a postgraduate level in psychology

  • knowledge and experience of the process of assessments of the QEP(S)

  • knowledge of professional standards of training for the QEP(S)

  • experience of working on boards or committees

  • experience of establishing and maintaining standards on behalf of an organisation

To apply please email [email protected] for a statement of interest form.

The closing date for this role is August 31st 2020.

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