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Obesity and Covid-19 Task and Finish Group

In 2019, the BPS released a report on the Psychological Perspectives on Obesity: Addressing Policy, Practice, and Research Priorities.

The document provided guidance to professionals and policy makers working with individuals, groups, and populations that are impacted by obesity to take an approach that is guided by psychology.

It provided a series of recommendations based around the following areas:

  • Reducing weight-related stigma
  • Psychologically informed policy
  • Standards and guidelines
  • Training and supervision
  • Weight management services

Preliminary evidence suggests that obesity-related conditions seem to worsen the effect of COVID-19 and lead to higher mortality rates.

It is therefore incredibly important, in light of this new context, that the recommendations in the report are reviewed and, if needed, tailored to address the new crisis we are currently facing.

We are looking for BPS members from both research and practice backgrounds to be part of a new task & finish group to undertake this work.

We would also welcome applications from BAME and LGBT+ psychologists as they have been underrepresented on our working groups in the past.

We expect this Task & Finish Group to meet up to four times over the period of Aug-Sept.

The preliminary dates are as follows:

  • Aug 5th 2020
  • Aug 19th 2020
  • Aug 26th 2020
  • Sep 23rd 2020

To apply, please send a statement (up to 400 words) of your knowledge and experience, along with examples of relevant research or professional practice, to [email protected]

To request a short off-the-record informational call contact [email protected]

The deadline for applications is 24 July 2020.

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