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Honorary General Secretary 2021-2024 - Call for Nominations

Nominations are sought for the election of Members of the Society to fulfil the role of Honorary General Secretary with effect from the AGM 2021.

The Honorary General Secretary is a trustee of the society and has the overall task of ensuring that the administration of the organisation is conducted with probity and integrity.

The HGS has a number of formal responsibilities within the society including the oversight of the election/appointment of officers and responsibility for certain actions within the society’s complaints and Member Conduct processes.

Whilst the Board of Trustees takes ultimate responsibility, it is the Honorary General Secretary who assures the operation of the organisation.

Descriptions of the role and responsibilities, together with requirements and time commitments, are available on request from [email protected]


The Board of Trustees has the responsibility to ensure that there is at least one candidate for this position.

Those wishing to propose candidates or to discuss this position are invited to contact the Honorary General Secretary, Dr Carole Allan, for guidance at [email protected]

The deadline for nominations is 30 April 2021.

If more than one candidate is nominated, the election will be decided by a ballot of the Membership and the result announced at the AGM in July 2021.

Please Note: there are proposals to reform the governance of the Society and when implemented are likely to result in the role of Honorary General Secretary being removed. If this happens before the end of the three year term of appointment, the successful candidate will continue to be a trustee on the Board of the Society until the end of their three year term.

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