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DCP Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Task and Finish Group

The DCP Executive acknowledges that there are very longstanding issues of lack of diversity across the profession and barriers to access for many from marginalised backgrounds.

Concerns about whiteness, marginalisation and racism in Clinical Psychology have been highlighted by many people and in a range of contexts, and it is recognised that this needs to be addressed as a systemic and structural issue.

Whilst members from BAME backgrounds are key to this work, it will also encompass other marginalized groups e.g. those with disabilities, and will include a focus on intersectionality.

Consultations and discussions have been taking place in a variety of fora within the DCP and with the wider BPS which has resulted in a draft action plan being produced.

It should be noted that this is a work in progress and it will be the role of the Task and Finish Group to review, amend and develop it further.

We currently have a number of groups in which work on this agenda is being taken forward:

  • Minorities in Clinical Psychology Subcommittee

  • Pre- qualification Group

  • Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology

  • The Racial and Social Inequalities in Health Covid workstream

There is a substantial amount of work to be done, and it is difficult to make the speedy progress needed on current resources.

We are therefore convening a Task and Finish Group to take the work forward in conjunction with the DCP Executive. This group will:

  • Ensure the connectivity of the various existing DCP strands of work

  • Ensure the DCP networks are fully engaged with the process

  • Develop and operationalise the action plan

  • Advise the DCP Executive on what further needs to be done

  • Develop an effective two-way relationship with the BPS EDI Taskforce

  • Develop, if appropriate, a project proposal for funding to deliver the key elements of the action plan

We propose that the Task and Finish Group will comprise up to 20 members, and that it will meet monthly for 12 months initially, with the potential to extend this, using Zoom as the meeting platform.

Meeting are expected to last 1-2 hrs maximum to protect the wellbeing of members and recognising the multiple demands on peoples’ time.

Actions will also need to take place outside of the meetings to promote wider engagement and involvement, and to implement some elements of the action plan as appropriate.

Each of the groups /workstreams listed above will be asked to send 2 representatives to sit on the Task & Finish Group.

This will enable all these groups to work together collaboratively and they may also be take forward specific actions, some of which are already in preparation / underway.

The Chair / Co-chairs will link with the DCP Executive Committee .

The DCP Exec are inviting Statements of Interest for the following positions for the DCP EDI task and finish group:

  • Chair or Co-Chairs

  • Members of the Group

Whilst it is intended that a minimum of 40% of members of the group will be from BAME or other marginalised backgrounds, we welcome statements of interest from DCP members from any background.

Deadline for submissions: 12 August 2020

Group to start work: September 2020

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