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Donations and Bequests

The History of Psychology Centre is always looking to acquire new relevant material and/or to fill in gaps in the existing collections.

All material will be assessed in relation to its significance to the history of psychology and the society and whether it enhances and/or fills a gap in the current collections.

Material containing personal, confidential, commercial, political or other sensitive material will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances and may be subject to specific access and closure restrictions.

Duplicate, ephemeral or inappropriate material may not be retained.

We will help to identify another institution who may be a more suitable place to deposit material than the History of Psychology Centre.

We reserve the right to decline material where the ownership cannot be ascertained or is disputed.

BPS Administrations Archives

Archival material (working papers, correspondence, minutes, reports) in analogue and digital formats created as part of the day to day work of staff and officers, and those BPS members who are active on the Society’s behalf in Committees, Boards, Networks, Groups, consultations, reports, events and other activities.  

Papers of Individuals and Organisations

Archival material  (working papers, correspondence, notes, minutes, photographs) in analogue and digital formats, relating to the professional activities of primarily British psychologists who have pioneered or significantly developed a particular area of UK psychological activity (training, speciality, policy, research, promotion and practice) and/or have been an office holder or particularly active in the organisation of the British Psychological Society.

Books and monographs

If you wish to donate books or pamphlets send us a list of items and we will consider this in conjunction with the Society’s Senate House.

Oral History

You could also help build up the archive by contributing to our Oral History Project, either as an interviewer or interviewee.

If you have anything you wish to donate, please contact us first.

We are always willing to assess offered material in person and advise on the best way of dealing with it should we not want it ourselves.

We cannot guarantee to accept unsolicited donations.

Your rights as a donor

If you donate archival material, you will be required to sign a formal agreement with HoPC setting out the terms on which we will be holding the material.

This offers donors the opportunity of specifying such things as copyright ownership, closure and access.

We will not accept external deposits without a completed and signed donor form.

Audio/visual material will not be accepted without a deposit and clearance form.

Costs and expenses

If your donation is accepted we will normally bear any costs incurred in transporting it.


Material is sometimes bequeathed to us of which we had no prior knowledge.

We are happy to accept unsolicited bequests but cannot guarantee that we will want to retain the material in its entirety or at all. In such cases we will be pleased to consult with executors as the situation requires.

If you wish to bequeath material to us in your will, it would be advisable to consult us in advance in order to avoid difficulties later.

We offer a limited enquiry service in response to email, post or phone, or in person to visitors by prior arrangement.

We cannot undertake research.

Private study, teaching or research purposes

We can supply images from the visual archive, sound recordings, and photocopies or pdfs of papers and other material (subject to copyright restrictions and at our discretion) for personal non-commercial use free of charge to BPS members.

For non-members, there may be a charge (to be agreed in advance) to cover administrative costs and reprographics and postage charges.

For visiting researchers, photocopying and scanning (subject to copyright restrictions and at our discretion) will generally be done free of charge. There is no self-service copying available

Material held by our partner the Wellcome Library and Senate House are subject to their own arrangements for copying and supply, except for material that we have specified on our catalogue to have particular conditions attached to it.

Commercial purposes

We will negotiate a fee with any person or organisation wishing to use images or other material (subject to copyright restrictions and at our discretion) for commercial purposes.

Commercial purposes includes, but is not limited to, the reproduction of material within a publication that is sold or distributed by a commercial organisation, and the inclusion of material in course packs.

To make a donation or bequest please contact:

BPS History of Psychology Centre
30 Tabernacle Street

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: +44 (0)20 7330 0895

Fax: +44 (0)20 7330 0896

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