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Our Communications Team works diligently to promote evidence-based psychological research to the media and wider audiences.

Working with the media

Working with the media can bring personal benefits for psychologists and benefit the profession as a whole.

Benefits for psychology include promoting the profession, increasing public understanding of psychology and attracting more young people to study the subject.

Personal benefits include:

  • Encouraging public interest in your work
  • Building your reputation as a good researcher or practitioner, and as a good communicator
  • Bringing your work to the notice of other professionals
  • Attracting future funding for your research
  • Obtaining feedback - you can be on the radio in minutes and in print the next day
  • Having fun - interacting with the media can be enjoyable

If you are interested in working with the media and joining our database of media-friendly experts, please contact the Communications Team.

Video guidelines for member networks

If you are thinking of having an event filmed, our 10-step online form will guide you through the process of producing a video that can be published on the BPS YouTube channel and advertised via BPS social media channels.

When your form is completed, please email it to the Communications Team.

Guidance on using Twitter

Whether you an individual psychologist or are tweeting on behalf of a member network, you will find our guidance on how to use Twitter helpful.

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