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Our campaigns

Each year the BPS conducts campaigns on behalf of our members and psychology as a whole.

These are designed to influence government policy and promote the role of psychology in the wider world.

On this page you'll find details about our current campaigns as well as information about previous campaigns and their impact.

Time to play

School play offers benefits to children's wellbeing and is essential for their social development.

But time assigned for play in the school day has been eroded. The Time to Play Campaign is calling for an additional 10 minutes of play at school every day.

Tackling social class inequalities #Makeit10

We know that social class-based discrimination has negative impacts on people’s life-chances, widens health inequalities and limits opportunities. We’re campaigning to have social class added as a protected characteristic to the Equalities Act.

From poverty to flourishing

The "From Poverty to Flourishing" campaign aims to put psychological evidence at the heart of action to tackle poverty and improve outcomes for children, families and communities.


Senate Policy 2022 

Voting for the 2022 Senate Policy Campaign has now opened.

Member networks have submitted a range of policy areas - on issues including social mobility, Covid-19, and climate change, among others - for members to vote on.

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