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Spearman Medal

This award exists to recognise outstanding published work in psychology.


  • The work must have been carried out by the candidate no more than 8 years following the completion of a PhD (although research undertaken during the PhD can be taken into account) and should represent a significant body of research output.
  • The Selection Committee will look for evidence of the theoretical contributions made; the originality of the research (including innovation in the experimental methods or techniques used); and the impact of the research findings. 
  • Candidates need not be members of the society, but they must be resident in the UK.


To make a nomination please contact [email protected] for further details, including the full criteria, and a link to the new electronic nomination form.

  • The nominator must send a detailed up to 1,500-word, nomination statement outlining the candidate's contribution to psychology.
  • Nominators must send copies of what they judge to be the candidate's two most outstanding and significant publications to date.
  • Nominators must also send a copy of the candidate's current full CV.

Recipients will be presented with the Spearman Medal and a commemorative certificate at a society awards ceremony in 2022.

Nominations for this award are currently on hold.

Previous recipients

2020 Dr Richard Cook
2019 Dr Stephen Fleming
2018 Dr Aidan Horner
2017 Dr Claire Haworth and Dr Rachael E Jack
2016 Michael Banissy
2015 Iroise Dumontheil
2014 Roi Cohen Kadosh
2013 Jonathan Roiser
2012 Angelica Ronald
2011 Essi Viding
2010 Emily Holmes
2009 Matt Field
2008 Tom Manly
2007 Christopher Chambers
2006 Sarah-Jayne Blakemore and Richard Crisp
2005 Padraic Monaghan
2004 Jolanda Jetten
2003 No award
2002 Thalia Eley
2001 Gregory R. Maio
2000 Kate Nation
1999 Simon Killcross
1998 Francesca Happé
1997 Neil Macrae
1996 Nick Chater
1995 Michael Oaksford
1994 Jonathon Driver
1993 Peter W. Halligan
1992 Usha Goswami
1991 Jane Oakhill
1990 Simon Baron-Cohen
1989 Susan E. Gathercole
1988 Stephen B. Dunnett
1987 Miles Hewstone
1986 Glyn W. Humphreys
1985 Charles Hulme
1984 Geoffrey Beattie
1983 No award
1982 Andrew W. Ellis
1981 Trevor W. Robbins
1980 Gregory V. Jones
1979 No award
1978 Howard Giles
1977 No award
1976 Edmund T. Rolls
1975 David J. Wood
1974 Philip N. Johnson-Laird
1973 Susan Iverson
1972 No award
1971 No award
1970 Kevin J. Connolly
1969 Peter B. Warr
1968 No award
1967 Alan Cowey
1966 No award
1965 Anne Treisman
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