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Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research Contributions to Psychology

Nominations are now closed and will reopen again in 2022.

This award recognises outstanding contributions to psychological knowledge by postgraduate research students undertaken whilst carrying out research for their doctoral degrees in psychology.

Please note: a candidate may only be nominated for the award if their doctoral degree was awarded no earlier than three years ago.


The Award Committee will base its judgement on published psychology articles reporting the research carried out for the doctoral degree.

maximum of two articles can be submitted, which must meet the following requirements:

  • The article(s) must have been published in refereed journals, or be in press.
  • The candidate must be either the sole or senior (first) author of the article(s) concerned.
  • The candidate's doctoral degree supervisor or Head of Department must sign a statement confirming that the research reported in the article(s) was carried out by the candidate as research for a doctoral degree in psychology, which was passed by a university in the UK normally not more than two years before the date when the article(s) was/were accepted for publication.


To make a nomination please contact [email protected] for further details, including the full criteria, and a link to the new electronic nomination form.

  • The nominator must send a 1,500-word nomination statement outlining why the candidate's work is outstanding and why they should be considered for the award
  • Nominators must send copies of what they judge to be the candidate's two most outstanding and significant publications reporting the research carried out for the candidate's doctoral degree
  • Nominators must also send a copy of the candidates current full CV

The award consists of a £500 prize and commemorative certificate, which will be presented at a society awards evening in 2022.

Previous recipients

2020 Dr Jennifer Murphy
2019 Amy Orben
2018 Dr Nadine Lavan
2017 Dr Neil Bramley
2016 Dr Anne-Lise Goddings
2015 Dr Praveetha Patalay
2014 Dr Rachel Arnold and Dr Lauren Marsh
2013 Andreas Jarvstad
2012 Stephanie Rossit
2011 Helen Fisher
2010 Thom Scott Phillips and Catherine Sebastian
2009 Nicole Tausch
2008 Julia Kovas and Merim Bilalic
2007 Rhiannon Turner
2006 Katie Slocombe
2005 Danielle Turner
2004 Elizabeth Jefferies
2003 Chris Olivers
2002 Pam Heaton and Rudolf Cardinal
2001 Sarah-Jayne Blakemore
2000 Richard J. Crisp
1999 Jon Sutton
1998 Richard (Rik) Henson
1997 Roz Shafran
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