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Research Board Awards

The Research Board oversees the provision of seven separate awards.

  • Lifetime Achievement

    This award recognises distinctive and exemplary contributions to psychological knowledge.

  • President's Award

    This Award is given as a mid-career recognition of the achievements of those who are currently engaged in research of outstanding quality.

  • Spearman Medal

    The Spearman Medal is awarded in recognition of outstanding published work in psychology.

  • Doctoral Award

    This award recognises outstanding contributions to psychological knowledge by postgraduate research students made while carrying out research for their doctoral degrees in psychology.

  • Book Award

    The Society’s Book Award recognises excellent published work in psychology.

  • William Inman Prize

    The William Inman Prize recognises published articles on the effect of psychological factors upon physical conditions, particularly psychodynamic or psychotherapeutic factors and to conditions of the eye.

  • Technical Support in Psychological Research Award

    This annual award recognises the valuable role that technicians play in supporting research within their psychology departments.  It is offered by the British Psychological Society (BPS) in collaboration with the Association for Technical Staff in Psychology (ATSiP).


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