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Public Engagement & Media Award

The Award is given as recognition of individuals or groups judged to have made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of psychology to the general public.

This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Public lectures, exhibitions and other face-to-face activities
  • Publication of articles in the printed media
  • Radio, television or film
  • Publishing on the web

Recipients may include those communicating their own research findings or those who ensure that a range of high quality psychological evidence is communicated (for example, via television/radio documentaries, science fairs, public engagement projects or newsprint and the emerging area of e-media including blogs and YouTube).


Members are invited to nominate for this award in recognition of the contribution of a psychologist or psychologists engaged in communicating high quality research or the legacy and/or impact of the discipline to the general public via a range of activities, either directly or via a range of broadcast, electronic and print media.

A nomination statement clearly stating the grounds for the nomination should be submitted, and should take the form of a narrative (1000 words maximum), highlighting the candidate's grounds for proposal.

Nominators must be members of the Society, and must declare all personal and professional conflicts of interest. If there is found to be a conflict of interest which has not been declared, the nomination will be withdrawn.

Nomination statements should be supplemented by the names and addresses of three potential referees.

If appropriate, relevant supporting documentary evidence (e.g. an account in the media of the impact of a particular project, press cuttings, URL links to television programmes) may be included.

For more information, or to request a nomination form, please contact [email protected]

Previous recipients

2017 Dr Stella Chan
2016 Dr Alan J Gow
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