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Education and Training Board Awards

The Education and Training Board oversees the provision of seven separate awards, aimed at those who have contributed to psychological education or who have played a significant role in expanding the profile of psychology as a discipline.

  • Lifetime Achievement

    Established in 2011 this award recognises distinguished lifetime achievement within psychology education.

  • Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology Education

    This award is for those who teach at any level or who have made a significant contribution to education.

  • Public Engagement & Media Award

    This award is given to a psychologist who has made an outstanding contribution to raising the profile of psychology either directly or through the media.

  • Undergraduate Award

    This award is given to those students who achieve the highest overall score in an accredited degree programme at each of the institutions accredited by the Society.

  • A-Level and Scottish Highers Award

    This prize is awarded to those students who achieved the highest overall score in their A Level and Scottish Highers examinations from each of the main awarding bodies.

  • Award for Innovation in Psychology Programmes

    Accredited courses are invited to submit for this award in recognition of particularly innovative and creative design (and/or delivery/assessment) of psychology programmes for the benefit of the student experience, whilst maintaining and/or furthering the highest quality of psychology teaching and learning.

  • Technical Support in Psychology Teaching Award

    An annual award, made jointly by the Society and the Assocation of Technical Staff in Psychology, recognising the valuable role that technicians play in supporting the student learning experience.

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