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Technical Support in Psychological Teaching Award

This award is designed to recognise the invaluable role that technicians play in supporting the student learning experience within their psychology departments.


The Award seeks to recognise outstanding contributions of psychology technicians in one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Areas of Skill – the development of new or use of existing technology in particular areas of psychology or particular kinds of technology to enhance the student learning experience.
  2. Interpersonal communication skills – interaction with staff and students.
  3. Instruction / teaching skills – the development of learning materials; departmental systems to support the student learning experience; support for lecturers.
  4. Admin / finance skills – the use of new or existing technology to improve administrative procedures or reduce costs relating to the student learning experience; management of resources.
  5. Problem solving – the development of new or use of existing technology to develop solutions to problems relating to psychology learning and teaching.
  6. Innovative skills – the development of new technology, or the innovative use of existing technology, to enhance the student learning experience.
  7. Special skills – research or other work concerning the use of new or existing technology that has enhanced the student learning experience.


There should be a single application for each nominee, which should take the form of a narrative report evidencing at least one of the criteria above.

This should be a maximum of 1000 words supported by testimonials from staff or students as appropriate.

Applications should be submitted by the Head of Department by 2 January 2019

For further information on how to make a nomination and the award criteria please contact [email protected]

The award will be presented at both the Society’s annual conference and at the ATSiP annual conference. Dates and venues to be confirmed.

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