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Awards and grants

The society makes a number of awards available each year to recognise excellence in research, practice teaching and education in psychology.

These awards range from those meant for undergraduates to those marking achievement over the length of a professional career.

Some of these awards are for our members only, but many are open to all psychologists working within the UK.

For more information on past recipients, criteria, and how to apply, please consult the tabs below.

Award for Innovation in Practice

This award is aimed at recognising a particularly innovative and creative project design and/ or delivery in practice.

it is open to pilot programmes or projects of any size showing particular innovation.

The award can be made to psychologists at any stage in their career and will confer a commemorative certificate which will be presented to the recipient at an appropriate society conference.

Award for Distinguished Contribution to Practice

This award is aimed at practitioner psychologists for work that has made an outstanding and lasting contribution to a particular area (rather than a culmination of a career in psychology) for the benefit of people or organisations.

The award will likely be made to a psychologist in mid-to-late career and will confer a commemorative certificate to be presented to the recipient.

Lifetime Achievement in Psychology Award

This annual award recognises and celebrates exceptional and sustained contributions in a career as a practitioner psychologist.

It is anticipated that this award will be made to a psychologist near or after the end of their career.

The award will confer life membership of the society, and a commemorative certificate will be presented to the recipient at our annual conference.

The recipient will also deliver an address at the conference.

Lifetime Achievement

Open to those who have an outstanding record of personal achievement and have also made significant contributions to the advancement of psychological knowledge.

Presidents’ Award

Given in recognition of exceptional contributions to psychological knowledge.

Doctoral Award

This award recognises outstanding contributions to psychological knowledge by postgraduate research students made while carrying out research for their doctoral degrees in psychology.

Book Award

This award recognises excellent published work in psychology.

William Inman Prize 

The William Inman Prize recognises published articles on the effect of psychological factors upon physical conditions, particularly psychodynamic or psychotherapeutic factors and to conditions of the eye.

The award is made every 5 years, and the next award will be in in 2025.

Technical Support in Psychological Research Award

An annual award, made jointly by the Society and the Association of Technical Staff in Psychology, recognising the valuable role that technicians play in supporting research in psychology.

Award for Promoting Equality of Opportunity

This award recognises a person has made a significant contribution to challenging social inequalities in the UK.

Research Board Grants

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