Our influence

The British Psychological Society works to increase the influence of psychology in society. We work with the UK Parliaments and Assemblies, non-governmental organisations and international bodies to ensure we have an effective voice.

We keep our members informed of the Society’s success in this area on our Psychology in the Political World page.

UK Parliaments and Assemblies

The Society promotes the understanding of psychology and contributes psychological expertise to the decision-making process. We have the evidence-based knowledge and expertise to support policymakers who want to learn more about how psychology can help shape society.


We contribute scientific, evidence-based submissions to consultations from governments and other organisations on policy and fact-finding initiatives.

Non-government organisations

In addition to consultations, we have close working links with a number of organisations to help raise awareness of psychology and ensure high standards of education for our discipline.

International links

We are a member of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations and have links with many other psychology organisations around the world.


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