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Direct contributions

Psychological expertise contributes to policy as many of our members work for government departments or other policy-making organisations.

From time to time our members are invited to sit on and advise government working parties and policy development initiatives.

These include initiatives like:

Behavioural Insights Team (BIT)

This draws on insights from behavioural science and behavioural economics and shows ways in which people can be encouraged  to change without resorting to legislation or costly programmes.

Autism Act (2009)

The Department of Health commissioned a number of projects on specific elements of the autism strategy.  As part of the strategy the Society has been asked to develop a series of e-learning modules to raise awareness of adult autism for professionals working in this area.

Safeguarding children in performances

Our members are serving on a working group considering the welfare of children in performances.

When an issue is of particular concern to our membership we engage with the minister or government department directly to explain our point of view and offer psychological expertise.

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