Fees and payment methods

Subscription and application fees 2014

Core Subscriptions

Non Direct Debit & Quarterly DD Payers


Annual Direct Debit Payers


Chartered Members




Associate Fellows


Graduate Members

  • Graduate Members during first three years after eligibility on application to the Council (see application form)
  • Graduate Members on confirmation of being a bona fide postgraduate student with a level of income below that necessary to pay income tax (see application form)

Student Members

  • Student Members not earning a taxable income







For Affiliates, Subscribers, and e-Subscribers there is an also an option to receive a hard copy of The Psychologist every month. This fee is an additional £61.


Application fees (payable on first application)


Chartered Member (first-time applicants)


Chartered Member (Graduate Members upgrading)




Associate Fellow


Graduate Member




You may apply for more than one category of membership at the same time, but if you do this, you will need to pay the application fee for each of the categories for which you apply (For example, if you are a new applicant for Chartered Membership and Associate Fellowship, you will need to pay £100 (£60 + £40) and also include your first year's subscription of £126.)

If you apply for Division Membership as well, you will need to add the subscription applicable to the Division and the Division grade for which you apply.

Payment methods

There are a number of ways that you can pay your membership fees, these include:

Direct Debit (UK bank accounts only)

Members who pay by annual direct debit will have their main subscriptions taken at the end of January and will receive a subscription reduction of £4.

The Society also offers quarterly installments, although if you choose to pay by this method you will not be eligible for the £4 reduction.

Notices of impending direct debits are sent out a minimum of two weeks before the payment is taken. 

To set up a direct debit please complete and sign the Direct Debit Mandate, indicating whether you would prefer to pay annually or by quarterly instalments.

We now can set up direct debit payments over the phone. To take advantage of this new service, call +44 (0)1952 214 066.

Bank transfer

If you wish to make payments by direct money transfer our bank account details are:

Royal Bank of Scotland
Account Number: 11226510
Sort Code: 16-23-21
Branch: Leicester Market Street
Swift Code: RBOS GB 2L
IBAN Number: GB09 RBOS 16232111226510

If you do transfer money into the Society's account, make sure that you inform our Subscriptions Department, with the date, amount and reference of the transaction.


Subscription fees for Society and Member Networks subscription fees can be paid online. Payments can be made by credit or debit card via a safe and secure system. You can only pay full annual subcriptions online, part payments are not possible.

To pay your subs online, go to our online payment facility.

Credit card, cheque and postal orders

You can contact the administration offices to pay by credit or debit card. Cheques and Postal Orders are also accepted when sent to the office with your application form or membership renewal remittance.

Overseas applications for e-Subscribers, Subscribers and Affiliates

World Bank classifications are applied to e-Subscriber, Subscriber and Affiliate fees, so if you are applying from overseas, please contact our Membership Team for the latest prices.

Useful information


If you wish to cancel your Society membership contact our Membership Team at resignations@bps.org.uk

If you wish to cancel your membership to divisions, sections, faculties and special groups, you should contact the Subscriptions Department (tel +44 (0)195 221 4066)

Cancellations must be received before 1 February each year, otherwise you will be charged for a full year’s membership fee.

Payment due date

All membership subscriptions, fees and journal payments are due on 1 January each year.

Reductions to subscription fees

In some circumstances you may be eligible for reduced annual subscription rates (see forms below for details).

Income Tax

The Inland Revenue has agreed to allow tax relief on all Society membership subscription fees, including Division, Section, Special Group and Journal payments.

For further information, go to our Income Tax relief page.

Refund policy

Membership is on an annual basis and no refunds will be given to members who resign during the year. If you wish to resign from membership you need to inform us by email or letter.