Become a national assessor

If you are currently at Band 8c or above with substantial experience of recruitment and selection at a senior level you may apply to become a national assessor.

You will need to meet the following criteria:

  1. BPS member of appropriate Division.
  2. HCPC registered.
  3. Substantial experience as a Consultant Band 8c and/or above.  (It is expected that this appointment will have been undertaken using National Assessors on the appointment panel).
  4. Relevant up to date specialist knowledge and experience as a consultant Psychologist.
  5. Fully trained and experienced in assessment and interviewing skills, including competency based assessment.
  6. Be able to provide evidence of personal development (e.g. myCPD log).
  7. Have knowledge of clinical governance and other relevant NHS policies and strategies.
  8. Be fully trained in recruitment and selection practices for senior posts and aware of current legislation in this area.
  9. Be fully trained in equal opportunities and diversity related to recruitment and selection.
  10. Be available to travel.
  11. It is recommended that National Assessors have their own insurance.
  12. National Assessors may continue following retirement or leaving the NHS, providing the above criteria are fulfilled. If retired completely, they may continue for two years following retirement.

Useful information:

Email the National Assessors Team: