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Monograph series

This occasional series will focus on the historical origins and development of areas of psychological practice and psychological research.

Monograph No. 2 (Published December 2015)
Clinical Psychology in Britain: Historical Perspectives

Edited by John Hall, David Pilgrim & Graham Turpin

ISBN 978-1-9-85433-731-3
Paperback 395pp plus xix
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Clinical Psychology in Britain: Historical Perspectives is the first comprehensive and informed account of the development of clinical psychology – the largest field of applied psychology in Britain. It identifies key transitions and changes in the work and thinking of clinical psychologists; explores the relationships between disciplinary and professional concerns within their policy, political and economic context; and situates British clinical psychology in relation to wider fields of research and practice in applied psychology in health care.

As a record of the development of the profession and as an aid to understanding current issues through the experience of the past, this short history will be highly relevant to psychologists working in health care, from trainees through to experienced clinicians, as well as to other healthcare professionals. As a scholarly history it will appeal not only to historians but also to anyone with a general interest in social and political developments in mental health provision.

The Editors: John Hall is Visiting Professor of Mental Health at Oxford Brookes University; David Pilgrim is Honorary Professor of Health and Social Policy at the University of Liverpool; Graham Turpin is Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology at Sheffield University.

‘This is a landmark study for the history of British clinical psychology. It will be essential reading for understanding the development of the profession and provides a valuable resource for the broader history of mental health care in the era of the NHS. Drawing upon new research and the insight of those working within the field, it is an impressive collective achievement.’ – Professor Mathew Thomson (Department of History, University of Warwick)

‘Every UK clinical psychologist should read this book in order to appreciate how the struggles, persistence, successes and triumphs of our predecessors have led to the profession that we are proud to call our own today.’ – Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes (Anglia Ruskin University, BPS President 2015/16)

‘At long last, after hundreds of tomes on the history of psychiatry, a fine collection of chapters has appeared on the history of clinical psychology. In filling a glaring gap, the authors show clearly how the profession's humanistic and equitable orientation was associated with providing an alternative to the medical model within an NHS location, and they raise serious questions about its' ability to do so when this base is now being seriously eroded.’ – Professor Emeritus Mick Carpenter (Department of Sociology, University of Warwick) 


Monograph No.1
British Educational Psychology: The First Hundred Years

Edited by Christopher Arnold & Julia Hardy
ISBN 978-1-85433-720-7
Paperback 166pp.
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In 1913 the first applied psychologist took up his post with the London County Council. His job was to assess children for special educational programmes and develop tools to identify children who may need alternative kinds of education. With this post, the profession of educational psychology was born. The numbers of educational psychologists have steadily grown over the subsequent hundred years and the practices, roles and functions that they adopt have similarly developed.

This book outlines the development of the profession in the United Kingdom during its first century of existence. It describes a number of different themes that have emerged over time and documents key points in the profession’s development.

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