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History of the Society


'A short history of the British Psychological Society' by Dr Geoff Bunn, BPS Research Fellow at the Science Museum (1998-2001).

We aim to develop a comprehensive online history of the British Psychological Society, covering the professional, academic and institutional evolution of the Society.

Founding members
Honorary Members (1904-1945)
Honorary Fellows (1945-present)
Award winners

See also (members only):

'The British Psychological Society' (1947) by Beatrice Edgell (reprinted in the British Journal of Psychology, 2001)
'Sixty years of psychology' by L.S. Hearnshaw (Bulletin of the BPS, January 1962)
'A brief history of the Society logo' by Hannah Steinberg (The Psychologist, May 2001)
'Seventy-five years of The British Journal of Psychology 1904-1979' by Alan D.B. Clarke (BJP, February 1979)

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