Research Board

The Research Board reports to and advises the Board of Trustees on science and research policy, the funding of psychological research, the submission of evidence to public or private bodies and other matters relating to the promotion and advancement of psychological science.

Its main responsibilities are:

  • Influencing internal and external funding for the support and encouragement of research;
  • Reviewing psychological research within the UK and elsewhere, research conducted by our members, and research sponsored by the Society;
  • Providing informed and impartial advice on research issues in response to internal and external enquiry;
  • Commissioning or undertaking enquiries to produce expert and authoritative reports on research issues of interest to the Society and the wider public;
  • Supporting, on grounds of eligibility and quality, research activities planned or conducted by Society members;
  • Promote research (both discipline based and multidisciplinary) through the dissemination of results through conferences, seminars and other means;
  • Defining standards for the training of postgraduate students in research methods;
  • Working to maximise the availability of funds to support psychological research.

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