Qualitative Methods in Psychology Section 2011

2011 saw a change in personnel on the QMiP Committee. We give great thanks to Dr Anna Madill, outgoing Chair, for all her hard work and commitment in developing QMiP’s mission statement and raising our profile through continued high profile events and participation at the BPS Annual Conference. The current committee includes:

  • Chair: Dr Rachel Shaw
  • Secretary: Mr Phill Dyson
  • Treasurer: Dr Pete Branney
  • QMiP Bulletin Editor: Dr Victoria Tischler
  • QMiP Bulletin Editorial Board: Dr Simon Goodman, Helena Priest, Helen Owton, Stephen Gibson, Zoe Bowden 
  • Ordinary committee members: Prof Peter Ashworth, Prof Paul Flowers, Dr Siobhan Hugh-Jones, Dr Kate Reid, Dr Abigail Locke, Dr Irmgard Tischler, Dr Jo Cornell, Dr Adam Jowett and PsyPAG rep, Amy Fielden.

Throughout 2011 we have continued to represent our members behind the scenes by contributing to consultations regarding REF. Our working party on Ethics in qualitative research has been successful in gaining a representative on the BPS Ethics Committee. We are delighted that Dr Neil Coulson has taken on this role for us. 

Our QMiP Bulletin has had a makeover – we thank Dr Victoria Tischler and the Editorial Board for their commitment to ensure its high quality content and stylish production. QMiP Bulletin now has more peer-reviewed content as well as reviews of events, books and papers and information about upcoming QMiP events. 

We held a number of events in 2011 including a workshop on Maximising the impact of qualitative psychological research on health with Dr Dora Brown, Prof Adrian Coyle & Patrick Coyne, Dr Jean McAvoy’s workshop on Studying the Psychosocial and a research seminar with Prof Kerry Chamberlain from Massey University in New Zealand entitled Beyond talk and text: Stretching and enriching qualitative research practice. We also sponsored a symposium at the BPS Annual Conference in Glasgow chaired by Prof Peter Ashworth on Phenomenological Psychology and the Question of Complexity. 

In 2011 we introduced the prize for best Undergraduate Research Project and continued our Early Career Scholar Prize. We are still offering sponsorship for events through our Event competition. This year also saw the introduction of Conference Bursaries for students and staff wishing to present qualitative psychological research at the QMiP conference or other psychology conferences. 

The 2011 winner of the Early Career Scholar prize was Dr Carl Macrae, University of Leicester, for his paper ‘Making risks visible: Identifying and interpreting threats to airline flight safety’ (Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 82, 273-293).

The first winner of the Undergraduate Project prize was Cathy Davies from Brunel University for her project on the Experience of Homelessness. 

In 2012 we are joining venues with the BPS Annual Conference and others for our QMiP Conference and look forward to a successful event and an opportunity to share our work with a wider audience. 

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