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North East Branch - Annual Report 2011

The 2011 annual conference

The Branch's conference for 2011 was held in York on 21 October, titled 'Work, Life, Happiness, Deviance' and linked occupational and forensic psychology. The Branch continues to use a dual theme as it allows a variety of research to be presented, and encourages interaction across psychological concepts. Our keynote speakers were Dr Angela Carter, presenting data from the Occupational side and Dr. Mike Berry, who spoke on Forensic issues, both of who engaged the audience. The conference continues to gain very positive feedback from the delegates, who were pleased with the speakers and research presented during the day.

The presentations from the conference are available on the Branch website.

The Newsletter

The North East of England Branch is publishing newsletters for the first time since 2005. Two were produced in 2011. The agreed aims were to Reflect the varied and good work being carried out in our area – the research, teaching and applied work. Advertise and promote events in the area, such as conferences or smaller events.

Link people with similar interests and develop local relationships. Have a format or features that encourage interaction. Attract readers and contributors; encourage informal discussion around the formulation of ideas in psychological theory, research and practice. Allow readers to use the newsletter as a 'testing ground' for articles prior to further publication.

The newsletters are expected to evolve as and when the readership increases its contribution. Currently they are a mixture of articles, reports on BPS conferences and activities in the area. The second newsletter was produced prior to the NEEB's 2011 conference in October and focused on the themes of the conference, which were occupational and forensic psychology. This was partly to advertise the conference, but mainly to provide information on what is happening locally in those areas of psychology.

The two editors are gathering material for the third newsletter, which will be produced early in 2012. It is hoped in the future to attract psychologists in the region to contribute to the newsletter, especially young psychologists, including students.

The newsletters are available via the BPSShop.

Other events

The Branch had a strong presence at the British Science Festival in Bradford, and this was strengthened due to the collaboration with the University of Bradford in organising activities. Committee members, together with students and lecturers from the University of Bradford ran various activities over the two-day period of 14-15 September 2011. The NEEB's stand was well attended and some of the photographs from the day, as shown, reflect the interest by members of the public. The Branch won a Public Engagement Grant from the BPS to help with the costs of running the event.

British Science Festival - Improve your memory

The Branch supported the PsyPag 2011 conference through its sponsorship scheme as well as providing bursaries for two students from the north-east to attend the conference. The Branch supported and exhibited at the 8th European Congress of Community Psychology, York St. John University, York, in September 2011, and at the Developmental Section Conference held at the Northumbria University City Campus, Newcastle-upon-Tyne in September 2011, and continues its representation at the Newcastle University School of Psychology Careers Event held in October 2011.

Further, the Branch will be presenting a joint north-east/north-west symposium at the BPS‟s annual conference in April 2012, titled 'The role of perceptions, expectancies and attitudes in the participation of sport, exercise and physical activity', and was successful in gaining a BPS symposium grant to allow this collaboration. This symposium is the forerunner for the joint North East/North West conference in November 2012 that will focus on sports psychology.

The committee continues to pursue the formation and support of local hubs within the region, and encourages indications of interest from members who wish to start hubs in their local areas.

The committee

Our committee continues to grow and more members are expressing interest in getting involved. The present committee welcomes this as we wish to engage more interest among the membership. We have re-structured the committee and members have individual roles that allow them to focus on different aspects of committee work. The committee meets on average six times per year face-to-face, and when issues need to be clarified and finalised, we meet also by tele-conference at least four times throughout the year. Our face-to-face meetings are held in various cities across the region and we try to ensure that the meeting places are accessible to the committee members, as well as any branch members who wish to attend.

Due to their dedication in promotion psychology across the north-east over the last year, I thank the current and past members of the committee, as without this level of dedication and hard work the Branch would not have realised such a high level of output in 2011.

Dr Roxane L. Gervais, Chair



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