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Past recipients of the Undergraduate Research Assistantship Scheme

2016 Recipients

Dr Deborah Riby (Durham University) will support Emma Reames and her project ‘Characterising outcome for individuals with Williams syndrome in the UK: Educational achievement and life skills.’
Dr Sally Quinn (University of York) will support Laura McGarry and her project ‘Do first impressions predict tweeting of police photographs of wanted people?’
Dr Laura Wilkinson (Swansea University) will support Rochelle Embling and her project ‘Does emphasising food variety in a product label affect every day portion size decisions?’
Dr Carl Walker (University of Brighton) will support Jenny Terry and her project ‘Using photovoice to explore the lived experiences of welfare reforms and mental health.’
Dr Catherine Thompson (University of Salford) will support Ashley Taylor and her project ‘The influence of emotion on visual attention: Varying attentional capacity or biasing processing strategy?’
Dr Chris Fullwood (University of Wolverhampton) will support Emma Boultwood and her project ‘ Factors predicting partner entitlement in online dating.’
Dr Darren Chadwick (University of Wolverhampton) will support Rachael Mackley and her project ‘ Online support group use and psychological wellbeing for family carers of people with intellectual disabilities’.
Dr Dawn Watling (Royal Holloway, University of London) will support Pancy Poon and her project ‘Sharing’ on social media: The role of self-presentational style and feelings of social anxiety’.
Dr Rebecca Charlton (Goldsmiths University of London) will support Gavin Stewart and his project ‘Ageing with Autism Traits: Examining Ageing in the Broad Autism Phenotype’.
Dr Louise Bunce ( University of Winchester) will support Hannah Joseph-Green and her project ‘ The impact of engaging in fantasy on cognition in children and adults’.
Professor Rachel Calam (University of Manchester) will support Cheryl Cai Fang Ang and her project ‘Qualitative exploration of service providers’ attitudes, beliefs and experiences of working with parents experiencing mental health problems’.
Dr Georgina Randsley de Moura (University of Kent) will support Christie Marsh and her project ‘Perceptions of Workplace Opportunities’.
Dr Josephine Ross (University of Dundee) will support Egle Dalinkeviciute and he project ‘Create Together: Can art therapy offer an effective early intervention for at risk attachment relationships?’

2015 Recipients

Professor Bruce Hood (University of Bristol) will support Nick Martin and his project ‘Determining the cognitive mechanisms of over imitation using eye tracking’

Dr Silvana Mengoni (University of Hertfordshire) will support Natalie Hall and her project ‘Exploring care staff’s attitudes to health psychology research involving people with learning disabilities’

Dr Martin Jones (University of Exeter) will support Kayleigh Watts and her project ‘The role of mental toughness and pain catastrophizing on muscular performance following induced delayed onset muscle soreness’

Dr Patrick Bourke  (University of Lincoln) will support Holly Allaway and her project ‘Cognitive neuroscience of template formation in visual search – a TMS study’

Dr Catrin Eames (University of Liverpool) will support Lorna Phillips and her project ‘Implementation of mindfulness-based Interventions in UK health service settings’

Professor Shirley Reynolds (University of Reading) will support Hannah-Rose and her project ‘Human developmental changes in attention bias for threat in children’

Dr Stephen Gibson (York St John University) will support Rachael Booth and her project ‘UKIP and the 2015 general election: a discourse analysis of broadcast media data’

Professor Caroline Rowland (University of Liverpool) will support Melissa Chapple and her project ‘Is infant learning domain independent?’

Dr Mark Turner (University of Portsmouth) will support Holly Tricker and her project ‘Do work placements improve psychology graduates transition into the workplace?’

Dr Kirsty Miller (University of Lincoln) will support Aysha Bellamy and her project ‘Whose hand is it anyway? Investigating the development of agency in four- to ten-year-old children’

Dr Alexandra Kent (Keele University) will support Chloe Waterman and her project ‘999 Police call openings: asking for help and assessing urgency’

Dr Victoria Lovett (Swansea University) will supervise Lauren Dillon and her project ‘The effects of local stimulus enhancement and object affordances on an imitation task: an eye-tracking study’

2014 Recipients

We received over 65 applications in total. The 11 projects below received the maximum individual funding available under this assistantship. They are as follows:

Dr Rachel Arnold (University of Bath) received support to fund an Assistantship for Axel Vittersø and his project: ‘A Longitudinal Assessment of Organizational Stress in Elite Athletes.’

Professor James Elander (University of Derby) received support to fund an Assistantship for Ada Dys and her project ‘Pain, anxiety and analgesic dependence: a mixed methods study.’

Professor Glenn Waller (University of Sheffield) received support to fund an Assistantship for Anna Kolesnik and her project: ‘The relationship between risk taking behaviours and anxiety during adolescence and adulthood.’

Dr Ruth Filik (University of Nottingham) received support to fund an Assistantship for Hannah Elizabeth Howman for her project: ‘Using eye-tracking to investigate how we understand sarcasm.’

Dr Steve Brown (University of Liverpool) received support to fund an Assistantship for Rachel Smith and her project: ‘Does body weight predict memorability for and appetitive response to television food advertisements.’

Professor Caroline Rowland (University of Liverpool) received support to fund an Assistantship for Katie Brewin and her project: ‘Testing the validity and reliability of a new language monitoring and assessment tool: The BabyTalk app.’

Dr Charity Brown & Dr Faisal Mushtaq (University of Leeds) received support to fund an Assistantship for Katie Leanne Thompson and her project: ‘The neural genesis of pathological risk appetite.’

Dr Lois Grayson (Durham University) received support to fund an Assistantship for Rachel Norris and her project: ‘Trait characteristics and sensory mechanisms associated with severe eating-related symptoms in patients with eating disorders (pilot).’

Dr Ashok Jansari (University of East London) received support to fund an Assistantship for Victoria Jefferies and her project: ‘Investigating executive impairments in children with atypical development (Autism Spectrum Disorder & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) using a novel ecologically-valid virtual reality assessment of executive functions.’

Dr Chao-Hwa (Josephine) Chen-Wilson (University of Wolverhampton) received support to fund an Assistantship for Victoria Theobald and her project: ‘Exploring the jumping to conclusions bias in children and adolescents.’

Dr Georgina Randsley de Moura (University of Kent) received support to fund an Assistantship for Fatima Tresh and her project: ‘It’s a man's world: Gender as a boundary condition of preference for potential.’

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