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Book Award


The Society’s Book Award recognises excellent published work in psychology. Books can be nominated in any of the following categories:

Academic monograph:  defined as – a significant scholarly work, usually by a single author that has contributed to, defined or redefined an area of psychological knowledge.

Practitioner text: defined as – a manual, reference or handbook, that has made a significant impact in expounding and promulgating an evidence-based approach, to an area of practice of psychology.

Textbook: defined as – an instructional text or manual on one area of psychological knowledge or on psychology more generally for the specific purpose of contributing to a course of psychological study that has made a significant impact on the learning and teaching of psychology.

Popular science: defined as – an exposition of an area of psychology or psychology more generally, written in an accessible way and aimed at the general reader.

Four awards will be available – one from each category.


  • The author or at least one co-author must be resident in the UK.
  • The book must be published after 1 January 2014.
  • Edited collections of papers are not eligible.
  • Books published by the Society under the partnership with Wiley-Blackwell are not eligible.
  • The book must be consistent with the Society's guidelines on The Use of Non-Sexist Language (copies of which are available on request).


  • Nominators can make up to a maximum of 2 nominations in each category. 
  • Nominations can be made by individuals, authors, publishers or their agents.
  • Nominations must include the title of the book, the category in which it is being nominated, the name(s) and full contact details (including email address) of the author(s) and the publisher, date of publication and a short statement (not more than one side of A4) explaining why the author(s) should receive the Book Award.
  • Copies of at least 2 published, English language, reviews of the book must be included. Please note that if foreign language reviews are submitted, they must be accompanied by an English language transcript.
  • Please also note that, in the case of re-submission of a nomination, the reviews provided must have been published in the period following the initial submission.
  • Reviews from online journals are acceptable. However, non-peer reviewed ratings e.g. Amazon reviews are not accepted.
  • 5 copies of the book should be sent with the nomination.
  • If no books of sufficient merit are nominated within a category, no award will be made.
  • Late nominations will not be accepted.


Recipients will be presented with a commemorative certificate at the Society's Annual Conference.

Nominations are now closed. The Book Award will open again in 2018.

Further details, including the criteria can be obtained from the Policy Administrator.

Details of previous award winners are available from the History of Psychology Centre.

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