Awards & grants

The Society makes a number of awards available each year to recognise excellence in research, practice teaching and education in psychology. They range from awards for A Level students to those marking achievement over the length of a professional career.
A few awards are for our members only, but many are open to all psychologists working within the UK.


Professional Practice Board

Distinguished Contributions to Psychology in Practice

This award is aimed at psychologists who have made an outstanding contribution to professional practice. Please note that prior to 2014 the award was known as The Award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Psychology.  

2013 winner: No nominations were received for the 2013 award

Lifetime Achievement

Established in 2006, this recognises and celebrates unusually significant and sustained contributions over a career as a practitioner of applied psychology.

2013 joint winners: Professor Elizabeth Kuipers and Professor David M Clark

Practitioner of the Year Award

This award recognises, promotes and rewards good practice.

2013 winner: Dr Peter Martin


Education and Public Engagement Board

Lifetime Achievement

Established in 2011 this award recognises distinguished lifetime achievement within psychology education.

2014 winner: Professor Jame Hartley

Award for Excellence in Psychology Education

This award is for those who teach at any level or who have made a significant contribution to education.

2013 winner: Phil Banyard

Public Engagement & Media Award

Awarded to a psychologist who has made an outstanding contribution to raising the profile of psychology either directly or through the media.

2013 winner: Professor Bruce Hood

Undergraduate Award 

Awarded to those students who achieve the highest overall score in an accredited degree programme at each of the institutions accredited by the Society. Approximately 100 awards are made each year. This award is currently closed. 

A Level and Scottish Highers Award

This prize is awarded to those students who achieved the highest overall score in their A Level and Scottish Highers examinations from each of the main awarding bodies. This award is currently closed. 

Award for Innovation in Psychology Programmes 

Accredited courses are invited to submit for this award in recognition of particularly innovative and creative design and/or delivery and/or assessment of psychology programmes for the benefit of the student experience, whilst maintaining and/or furthering the highest quality of psychology teaching and learning. 

Research Board

Lifetime Achievement

Open to those who have an outstanding record of personal achievement and have also made significant contributions to the advancement of psychological knowledge.

2013 winner: Professor Andy Young

Presidents’ Award

Given in recognition of exceptional contributions to psychological knowledge.

2013 winner: Dr Tim Dalgleish

Spearman Medal

Awarded in recognition of outstanding published work in psychology.

2013 winner: Dr Jonathan Roiser

Doctoral Award

This award recognises outstanding contributions to psychological knowledge by postgraduate research students made while carrying out research for their doctoral degrees in psychology.

2012 winner: Dr Stephanie Rossit

Book Award

This award, made jointly with the Society’s Psychology Education Board recognises excellent published work in psychology.

2013 winners in the following categories:

Practitioner Text: 'Preventing Stress in Organizations: How to Develop Positive Managers' by Emma Donaldson-Feilder, Joanna Yarker and Rachel Lewis.

Academic Monograph: 'Social Understanding and Social Lives: From Toddlerhood Through to the Transition to School' by Claire Hughes.

Textbook: 'Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer Psychology: An Introduction' by Victoria Clarke, Sonja J. Ellis, Elizabeth Peel & Damien W Riggs.

Popular Science: 'Time Warped: Unlocking the Mysteries of Time Perception' by Claudia Hammond.

BPS/ATSiP Technical Support in Psychological Research Award

A new annual award, made jointly by the Society and the Association of Technical Staff in Psychology, recognising the valuable role that technicians play in supporting research.

2013 winner: Ian Harrison


Ethics Committee

Award for Promoting Equality of Opportunity

This award recognises a person has made a significant contribution to challenging social inequalities in the UK.

2013 winner: Professor Rachel Tribe



Research Board

International Conference Symposium Scheme

This scheme provides funding for Member Networks to convene a symposium at an international conference. 

Postdoctoral Conference Bursary Scheme

This provides bursaries to support postdoctoral researchers and lecturers to attend academic conference in the UK and internationally.

Joint Postgraduate Award with the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

This provides an opportunity for a postgraduate psychologist to be seconded to the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology to assist in providing briefing material for MPs and peers.

Undergraduate Research Assistantship Scheme

This scheme awards grants to researchers to allow them to provide undergraduates with hands on experience of research and encourage them to consider an academic career.

Postdoctoral Study Visit Scheme

To enable postdoctoral researchers and lecturers who are within three years of the completion of their doctoral research degree in psychology to undertake a study visit to another institution to acquire skills directly relevant to their research/lecturing.

Postgraduate Study Visits Scheme

This enables research students who are registered for a doctoral degree at a UK university to undertake a study visit to another institution to acquire skills directly relevant to their research.

Research Seminar Competition

These grants enable institutions to co-operate to hold scientific seminars.

Sections Initiative Fund

This scheme provides funding for Society Sections to undertake new initiatives.


Education and Public Engagement Board

Initiatives Fund for Member Networks

This new scheme provides funding to further the objectives of the Psychology Education Board. 

Public Engagement Grants 

Grants are available to support members wishing to promote psychology to the public.