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Are you a racist? Most likely, your answer is no – and perhaps you find the very notion offensive. But according to two Cardiff University psychologists, many educated people harbour prejudiced attitudes even though they deny it.
When you’ve done something good, or performed a task well, it feels great to get some praise for it. And parents and teachers, especially in Western cultures, are encouraged to dole out praise to children in an increasingly generous manner.
More than 130 psychology students from the University of the Highlands and Islands enjoyed a five-day residential course last week as part of their degree programme.
A new scheme has trained psychology students to become mentors for people with mental health issues, particularly those struggling with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues.
The BPS Scottish Branch and Edinburgh Napier University will host an undergraduate conference in Edinburgh on Saturday 22 March. This fully subscribed event will feature research presentations from third and fourth year Scottish university psychology undergraduates and a ‘Psychology Futures’ careers fair.
The government is considering introducing mindfulness sessions into schools.
Visitors to The Big Bang science fair at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham this week (13-16 March) will be able find out more about what psychology is and what psychologists do.
Psychologists have suggested more may need to be done to protect academics from pressures that could lead to mental health problems.
Schools across the country will be enjoying literary fun and games as part of World Book Day today (6 March), but a new study from the University of Dundee has suggested youngsters might not be mainta
Special Group For Independent Practitioners Supporting the needs of independent practitioners to combine competently and ethically their psychological practice with the necessity to develop and maintain a business.
People who play computer games together appear to mimic each other's emotional behaviour, according to a new study.
The impact of current psychological research and recent discoveries about how our minds influence our behaviour are two of the topics being discussed at a Science Museum event tonight \(Wednesday 15 January) at the Dana Centre in London. 
Children with autism spectrum disorders could enjoy a significant improvement to their wellbeing if they are given cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) that uses Homunculi, or 'little people', a new study to be presented at the
A study on the role of Teaching Assistants (TAs) in primary schools has shown that TAs perceive themselves to have a positive effect on children displaying challenging behaviour and believe that without their support many of these children would be excluded from mainstream school. 
Computer games are increasingly being introduced to the classroom to assist with a child's learning.
A new study has looked at the different ways in which secondary school students are perceived by their peers depending on which subjects they excel at.
A growing number of university students are seeking the help of counselling services, new research has discovered.
A new study has suggested that many students may experience feelings of anxiety and even depression during their first few weeks as an undergraduate.
Many people would see looking at cat memes on the internet as a waste of time, but an app developer believes they could be the perfect way to help people learn new languages.
Explaining a rule or concept to yourself forces you to think deeply about it. Plenty of studies have shown this has benefits, both in terms of improving the understanding of relevant concepts and aiding the skill or process in question.
The social dynamic of a reluctant non-drinker coerced to join in with the drinking majority will be familiar to many readers.
Any early steps you can take in finidng and applying for a good student-supervisor match will be a great help in ensuring a smooth passage to the award of a doctorate.
Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group The Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group (PsyPAG) is a national organisation that supports all aspects of postgraduate work in the UK.
If you are passionate about psychology and want to familiarise yourself with various viewpoints about what a PhD in Psychology actually involves before weighing up the benefits and costs of doing one, read on.
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