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Do boys prefer playing with trucks and balls, while girls prefer dolls, because they are socialised from an early age to play this way, or do their play habits reflect innate differences in interests between the sexes? 
In 2008, Petra Hesser – the then head of flat-pack furniture company IKEA in Germany, now the group's Global Human Resources Manager – made headlines by claiming that women are better than men at assembling flat-pack furniture.
Putting unhealthy food in macho masculine packaging, or healthy food in feminine-themed packaging, makes it taste nicer, and people are willing to pay more for it.
What is hunger?  What do we mean when we say we're hungry?
'Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.' - Coco Chanel
People can get awfully attached to their preferred brands. Some tattoo logos on their skin, others camp out overnight to buy the latest products. Late in life, people often still favour and trust brands from their youth.
Apple's iconic apple, featuring a bitten-off chunk, is one of the most recognisable logos in the world. And with the company's ubiquitous products increasing in popularity, we're exposed to the famous fruit image more frequently than ever.
British Psychological Society, Research Seminar Series 2015: Exploring the ‘always on culture’.
Bank robbers and gamblers will tell you what people are prepared to do for the sake of money. But money also has more subtle influences.
Paying more for a meal can enhance a person's enjoyment of their food, according to a new study.
Customers are more likely to stay loyal to a brand if they are made to feel valued, a new study has found.
Scientists have identified a link between alcohol advertising and the behaviour of young people who take up drinking.
Retailers who evoke feelings of times past could make shoppers more willing to spend lots of money, according to a new
Restaurants may find they receive more negative reviews from customers when the weather is bad, a study has discovered.
Products that attract negative reviews could still sell well - as long as the customer write-ups include polite modifiers, according to a new
The layout of a buffet can have a significant impact on what people will choose to fill their plates, with many going for the items they come across first rather than what they truly desire.  
Consuming has become a lifestyle and is no longer a requirement for survival.
Ad-man James Vicary generated excitement and discomfort in equal measure back in the 50s when he boasted about the success of his "subliminal adverts".
People who are addicted to shopping spend so much because they believe doing so will improve their mood.
Individuals are less likely to purchase a product if it is the only option available.
The taste of food could be influenced by the cutlery used to eat it, new research has suggested.
A person's overall evaluations of their experiences are often shaped by the social context in which these events take place.
Consuming sweetened drinks increases the risk that a person might suffer from depression, new research has suggested.
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