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Whenever a major televised football tournament takes place, there are suggestions in the media that it may lead to an increase in domestic violence.
Racism continues to cast its ugly shadow over football. As the European Football Championships kick-off today, the British government has advised fans of Asian or Afro-Caribbean descent to "take extra care" when in Ukraine, host nation with P
Mentality may be as important as talent when it comes to personal success in sport.
Children from lower income families are being prevented from taking part in sports because of the high costs involved, new research has shown.
Engaging in high levels of physical activity might not necessarily help combat depression, new research has found.
An athlete's ability to remember could be significantly impacted as a result of head impacts.
The performance of a footballer could be affected by the colour of his kit and that of the opposition.
Exercise can markedly affect the brain and the ability to remember, new findings have suggested.
Playing in a positive sports environment could lessen the risk of a child experiencing depression, new research has suggested.
Creating a favourable first impression is vital when a coach begins to work with an individual athlete. And coaches have a much better chance of developing effective working relationships if they are able to manage the impressions and expectations that athletes form of them.
Professor Jan Burns from Canterbury Christ Church University, who is the Head of Eligibility for the International Sports Federation for Persons with Intellectual Disability, was interviewed by Claudia Hammond on BBC Radio 4's All in the Mind yest
A person's motivation to exercise can be significantly boosted thanks to the help of a virtual partner.
British athlete Dwain Chambers is using sports psychology to help boost his performance and move on from his chequered past.
Coaches at the Olympics will play a key role in motivating their athletes to help them achieve optimal performances. But effective coaching is vital in many other performance environments, such as the military and education. 
Wayne Rooney, the Manchester United and England footballer, has given an insight into some of the psychological techniques he uses before a game to boost his performance on the pitch.
The social and cultural pressures in elite sport are immense and can trump athletes’ own psychological strength, a sports psychologist has said.
Many people in the UK choose to skip work in order to watch sports, new research has found.
The owners of Cardiff City Football Club abandoned plans to change the club’s kit from blue to red after an outcry from fans.
Young men in the US find performance-enhancing drugs in sport to be highly unethical, a new study has shown.
On 21 May the organisers marked 100 days until the start of the Paralympic Games, which the organisers of the event are calling the biggest ever. To celebrate this milestone the Paralympic logo has been projected onto the white cliffs of Dover, which is likely to stir excitement and drum up interest before proceedings get underway at the end of August.
Football referees in Scotland have revealed they are turning to sport psychologists in a bid to boost their performance on the pitch. Speaking to the Daily Record, Craig Thomson - who will be officiating the Scottish Cup Final between Hearts and Hibernian at Hampden Park on Saturday (19 May) - revealed he and his assistants are doing all they can to ensure their showing is flawless.
Sports performances can suffer when the stakes are high and there is the prospect of a lucrative reward for the victor.
People could be helped to quit their smoking habits by taking up greater levels of exercise, new research has suggested.
‘If you do not know where you are going, do not be surprised if you arrive somewhere else’ (Lewis Carroll). Mental skills training and psychological support can enhance performance. One issue that has come to the fore over the past decade is the timing of those interventions. While practitioners strive to tailor their interventions to individual athletes, awareness of the concept of ‘periodisation’ is key.
A new report highlights some of ways psychological research has helped Team GB limber up for London 2012.
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