CPD Workshop including the Pre-Qualification Group AGMby Steve KillickTime:Registration will commence from 9.30am, closing no later than 4.30pmLunch: 2.30-13.3
The Annual Scientific Meeting of the MSC Section is a free and open meeting.
Faculty of Psychosis & Complex Mental Health - Family Intervention Network event Extraordinary demands in ordinary services: Establishing Family Intervention fo
Faculty of Psychosis & Complex Mental Health - CMHT Network eventDeveloping Psychological Mindedness in MDTs (Part 2):Skills Development Workshop This event is suitable both for att
This year's conference theme is "Health and Well-being in the 21st Century: Towards 2050." The conference team is delighted to announce that the programme will include three internationally recognised keynote speakers: Professor Vicki Bruc
Seminar Series 03/14The Division of Forensic Psychology Northern Ireland is delighted to join with the School of Psychology at Queen’s University Belfast to host the following Seminar which is free to attend.
Psychology continues to be a popular subject at degree level (with 149 providers in the UK alone). This makes sense given the applied nature of the subject, and the many possibilities with regard to careers.
Struggling to link research with therapeutic practice?Come hear a talk from Dr. Andreas Vossler and Dr.
9.30am Registration, 10.00am start closing at 4.30pm 
"How can Occupational Psychology be more influential in Scotland?" The appliance of behavioural science to:
Stuart will discuss his doctoral research findings about how an eight-week mindfulness training (MBSR/MBCT) impacted trainee psychologists personal and professional lives, using the qualitative methodology of Interpretative Phenomenological Analys
Cost: Free (Everyone including the public) 8:30 - 9:00   Coffee & registration 
Speaker: Stephen Benton Professor Stephen Benton graduated in Psychology from Brunel University joining the Acoustics Research Group, at Chelsea College, University of London, on a SERC scholarship to conduct PhD research
Speaker: Angela Carter This session from Angela Carter will explore the important social problem of youth employment; and more specifically look at some of the issues preventing young people from gaining work. Appr
Speaker: Peter Coleman In this session Peter Coleman talks about the psychology of meaning in the context of life-span developmental psychology.
Speaker: Duncan Moss, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, Dept.
Speaker: Professor Sue Denham, Professor in Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience, University of Plymouth The ability of the auditory system to parse complex scenes into component objects in order to extract in
Speaker: Elizabeth M Pritchard NLP stands for 'Neuro Linguistic Programming' and is frequently known as the "user’s manual for your mind".
Speaker: Dr. Katie Porkess (MSc MBA PhD FISMA) Recent cases in the media have highlighted the consequences of keeping silent in the face of wrong doing.
Speaker: Marie Annette Mills Caring for a person with dementia inevitably puts unreasonable demands upon the family carer and arouses many negative emotions, especially resentment.
Speaker: Dr. Katie Porkess (MSc MBA PhD FISMA) Recent cases in the media have highlighted the consequences of keeping silent in the face of wrong doing.
Speaker: Stephen BentonAttempts to measure and evaluate the impact of environmental Low Frequency Noise (LFN) are often complicated by a range of environmental, psychophysical and subjective processes.
  This talk will examine the notion of the popular concept of stress. As well as looking at the science behind how stress can contribute to physical illness, I will also challenge the view that stress is always bad for you.
Changing Lives, Changing Worlds - Inspiring Collaborations
18th annual conference of the Transpersonal Section of the BPSFrom being topics at the margins of psychology fifteen years ago, meditation and mindfulness have spectacularly entered the mainstream over recent years.
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