Programme 009:30   Welcome & IntroductionProfessor Teresa McCormack, Head of School of Psychology, QUBDr Barbara McConnell, Chair of NIBPS
The last two ‘decades of the brain’ have created a new intellectual blueprint for how we understand the implications of traumatic experience on mind/body/brain connections.
There are so many ways in which psychologists can achieve impact - through research, publications, dissemination through events and conferences and through teaching - but many more too.
You know that motivating your students, ensuring their best in exams and helping them relate their learning to real life can be a challenge.
Speaker Steven Sylvester BSc.(Hons.), MSc. CPsychol, AFBPsSChartered Psychologist in Sport & Business
Join Experts by Experience and clinical psychologists to discuss and share ideas on how to work together to improve psychological health services. Timetable  Start 10.30 - coffee and registration
To celebrate 46 years of the PSI, this year’s conference will have an overall focus with the theme of “Who are we: where have we come from and where are we going?” Exploring the psychology of identity
A Joint North East Branch and Inpatient Network Conference: Psychosis and Complex Mental Health Faculty The NHS staff survey shows associations between positive patient feedback and staff engagement.
The Division of Health Psychology, Northern Ireland Branch supported by The School of Psychology at Queen’s University Belfast are pleased to announce a Free Public Lecture in Room LG024, Keir Building, Queen’s University Belfast, Stranmillis Road
Event information Psychologist in the Pub with Marie McNally
The Division of Educational & Child Psychology of the British Psychological Society (DECP) is publishing a book about accessing the voice of children and young people and the work of British Educational Psychologists.
DECP Annual Conference 2017; Challenging Beliefs: Exposing Myths and Exploring Evidence Thursday 12th January 2017 - Friday 13th January 2017 at The Majestic Hotel, Harrogate
Annual Conference for Educational Psychologists in Scotland; Looking Inward, Outward and ForwardHow Educational Psychology Services in Scotland deliver quality and equity
The refugee crisis across Europe has raised important issues for UK occupational psychologists, including the employment, support and development of refugees in our workplaces.
An evening of networking for Millennial PsychologistsNeed more confidence networking? How to break through the fog of anxiety and uncertainty?
The 5th BPS DoN Annual Conference will be held on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th November 2016 at the Royal College of Surgeons.
Event information This session from Angela Carter will explore a problem that affects us all; enabling young people to successful move from education to employment.
Event information This workshop will introduce you to the different types of publication:
Event information This is an exciting workshop facilitated by Dr Esther Cohen-Tovée & Jenny Taylor, which will cover:
Event information 3.00 – 3.15pmDFP Wales – Dr Siriol David ‘DFP Vision for Wales’
DCP North East Branch Inaugural AGM & CPD Day Speakers  Dr Lucy Johnstone is a consultant clinical psychologist and trainer with long experience of working in adult mental health.
Event Information The TEP (Trainee Educational Psychologists) associates of the DECP (Division of Educational and Child Psychology) are organising an informal conference for all TEPs.
Programme 10.15Transforming Care and the Role of Clinical Psychologists.
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