Professor of Gambling Studies, Mark Griffiths will be opening and closing this symposium.
Speaker: Mark Linington is an attachment based-psychoanalytic psychotherapist with The Bowlby Centre in London, where he is also Chair of the Executive Committee, a Training Therapist, Clinical Supervisor and Research Lea
DCP Pre-Qualification Group and Faculty for Addictions Joint Event (Including the AGM of the DCP Pre-Qualification Group) Event Overview A practical workshop-based CPD event between the DCP Pre-Qualification group and Faculty of Ad
Two day masterclass covering the topics of;
The course is run by Young Minds as part of the Faculty for Children Young, People and their Families' participation strategy.
Meet the Committee Be decisiveMake a date! This is an informal exchange and refreshment at a central London venue All members are welcome and we look forward to meeting you
Awakening Experiences: When Awareness Expands and Intensifies An informal networking event for psychologists in the North West
In this talk I will introduce several areas of Dance Psychology and describe the work of the Dance Psychology Lab. I will describe our work on the relationship between dance and problem solving and on dance and changes in mood/health.
Daisy Christodoulou is the Research and Development Manager at Ark (an educational charity which runs a network of schools in London, Birmingham and the south of England).
The main theme for the conference is Variations in the Sense of Self: Emergence and Transcendence  Keynote speakers:
Have you ever wondered what occupational psychology is, what occupational psychologists do, where they work, and how they got into this line of work?
A workshop for interested members of the Faculty for Children, Young People & Their Families
DCP Faculty of Addictions and The University of Surrey - Joint Event Event Overview: This free, one-day Psychology and Substance Misuse CPD training event is open to all trainees on the University of Surrey Clinical Psychology doct
Innovative Practice in Challenging TimesFriday 5th June 2015 at Chancellors Hotel & Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital
Influenced by research on modern racism, homophobia researchers have recently advocated a focus on ‘modern heterosexism’, rather than ‘old fashioned homophobia’.
This event is designed to help neuropsychologists improve their skills and knowledge in the assessment of mental capacity, in clinical and medicolegal contexts.
Speaker: Dr. Ralph Goldstein, Psychotherapist in Private Practice
The event will provide a networking opportunity for local psychologists.
National statistics show that suicide and self-harm are more prevalent amongst the prison population than in the community.  We will be highlighting the risk factors associated with this and exploring whether there are any typologies that may
Kathryn Asbury is author, with Robert Plomin, of G is for Genes: The Impact of Genetics on Educational Achievement. She lectures on Psychology in Education at the University of York.
Professor Peter Thompson will be discussing research into visual perception that demonstrates that our perception of the world is an active, constructive process. The talk will be lavishly illustrated. 
Division of Clinical Psychology - Faculty for Clinical Health Psychology Cardiac and Respiratory Network Meeting (including Critical Care and Liaison Psychology)
Division of Occupational Psychology - Diversity & Inclusion Working Group Inclusive Leadership: Bridging Research & Practice (In partnership with the School of Business & Management, Queen Mary University of London)
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