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A free BPS event ‘Body image: Psychology in the Pub’ on Monday 22 February (7 to 9pm) will open the Leeds Beckett’s Body Image and Eating Disorders Awareness week in York.
What is hunger?  What do we mean when we say we're hungry?
British Psychological Society, Research Seminar Series 2015: Exploring the ‘always on culture’.
Implementing NHS Culture Change: Contributions from Occupational Psychology The Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP) will be launching their policy report, ‘Implementing NHS Culture Change: Contributions from Occupati
Congratulations to the winner of the British Psychological Society’s ‘Inspire the next generation’ competition, Sally Smith. The competition asked delegates at the BPS 2014 Annual Conference to share their experiences of training and working as a psychologists or how qualifications in psychology have helped them in other sectors. 
A breakfast roundtable event at the House of Commons has called for greater public and professional awareness of the condition prosopagnosia, also known as face blindness.
The British Psychological Society's Behaviour Change Advisory Group (BCAG) works to provide expert advice on behaviour change in the context of public policy.
Our use of laughter and swearing as forms of emotional expression are two of the topics featured in a new BPS series of audio interviews with prominent psychologists.
MindEd, a new website to give adults the knowledge and confidence to identify and understand children and young people with mental health problems, launches today at a Westminster conference.
If you missed our annual joint lecture with the British Academy on the Scottish Mental Surveys of 1932 and 1947 you will be pleased to know that a recording of the lecture is
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For the Society, 2011 has been a year of celebration as we marked our
Asperger syndrome and autism A lifelo
This year’s theme for
Bereavement happens to us all at some point in our lives.
Psychological testing is used in many walks of life to assess ability, personality and behaviour.
Like thousands of students across the country, you have just received your A level results.
Like thousands of students across the country, you have just received your A level results.
A series of videos on mental healthcare, produced with the help of a public engagement grant from the British Psychological Society, is proving a big hit.
As The Open Championship is in full swing, our hopes of a British contender winning the Claret Jug are high with the likes of Lee
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