There is less than a week left for the chance to present your research to the British Psychological Society’s 20th Transpersonal Psychology Section Annual Conference being held in Northamptonshire.
Psychologists have an important role in supporting their community in planning for, handling and dealing with the aftermath of disasters Timetable
An introduction to MBSP, the cutting edge of positive psychology, the first programme to formally combine mindfulness with psychological strengths development Timetable
Second Transpersonal Research Colloquium: Research Models and Methods for Transpersonal Research14th September - 16th September 2016 &
Psychological research into meditation has overwhelmingly focused on its cognitive consequences, considering the practice as a kind of training for attention and behaviour control, together with stress alleviation.
Explore and experience the process of enhancing existing and developing new ways of relating to ourselves
This workshop will help psychologists and others understand the dynamics of secondary trauma and help direct victims, their family, counsellors and other supporters build resilience and the opportunities for post trauma growth. Timetable
19th Annual Transpersonal Psychology Section Conference
The 2014 conference of the BPS Transpersonal Section conference explored the theme of ‘Contextualising Mindfulness: Between the Sacred and the Secular.’ With the explosion of interest in the topic of meditation and mindfulness it was timely to add
A new perspective on conducting research in psychology. Timetable 09:30 Registration/Tea and Coffee 10:00 Workshop starts (there will be a break for lunch) 16:30 Workshop ends
A talk at the Cheltenham Literature Festival tomorrow (Friday 10 October) aims to inspire listeners to see mindfulness as a way of 'being', a different way of approaching everyday life,
18th annual conference of the Transpersonal Section of the BPSFrom being topics at the margins of psychology fifteen years ago, meditation and mindfulness have spectacularly entered the mainstream over recent years.
Treatment that includes methods of increasing spirituality could make a positive difference to outcomes for teenagers who are addicted to alcohol, new research has suggested.
Creative approaches to the treatment of wide-spread mental health conditions, such as stress, depression and anxiety. Timetable 09:30 Registration/Tea and Coffee 10:00 Workshop starts (there will be a break for lunch) 16:30
A research-informed approach to meditative and mindful practices with practical advice on how these can be used within practice to support clients. Timetable 09:30 Registration/Tea and Coffee 10:00 Workshop starts (there will b
Student behaviours could be improved through meditation, new research has suggested.
Children's sense of God's closeness is apparently related, not to their mother's religiosity, but to their mother's attachment style - that is, whether the mother is calm and confident in her relationships or anxious and uncertain. 
Dr Stuart Whomsley is the new PR and Communications Lead for our Division of Clinical Psychology.
2011 proved to be a difficult year for the Transpersonal Psychology Section on account of the passing of our Founding Chair, Professor David Fontana, towards the end of the previous year.
Self-regulation can be diminished through simple reminders of God, new research has suggested.
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