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Many charitable organisations provide studentship funding but, as with institutional awards, the details are hugely variable.
While research council funding is probably the best kind - because things like conference attendance are usually built into the award - there are other sources of funding available if you prefer a department which cannot get research council money
The UK research councils are autonomous government-funded agencies whose remit is to support research and research training in science, the arts and humanities.
What is a doctoral degree? A doctoral degree is the highest academic qualification that universities can award following an agreed programme of study.
Welcome to our guide to postgraduate research degrees. In these pages you will find information on:
The UK needs to significantly increase the number of places available at universities, the Universities Minister has claimed.
Hundreds of thousands of students throughout the UK are currently going through a major transition as they try adapting to university life.
Four short films that explain statistical concepts through dance that were partly funded by a 2011 BPS Public Engagement Grant have been viewed over ninety thousand times on the BPS YouTube channel. 
The concepts of cognitive psychology can be fruitfully applied to real-world problems, but government must recognise that research takes time and is likely to spread across many different institutions.
Four short films that aim to communicate a number of statistical concepts through dance are now available on the British Psychological Society's You Tube channel.
Patients should be involved every step of the way when it comes to the development of the best treatments.
The British Psychological Society has awarded a research assistantship grant to a University of Liverpool undergraduate. Marianne Erskine-Shaw, who is studying psychology at the university, has been taking a closer look at the positive and negative effects that alcohol advertising have regarding choice and behaviour.
Phil Banyard, who is Reader in Psychology at Nottingham Trent University, has won the Psychology Education Board’s Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology Education for this year.
This month sees the tenth anniversary of the launch of the British Psychological Society's Research Digest.
An increase in the popularity of psychology courses should result in teachers being trained in the subject.
The British Psychological Society is one of many organisations supporting a campaign to have the results of all clinical trials reported.
Studying overseas can have a positive impact on a young individual's personal development, new research has shown.
Students about to take an academic exam should be screened for 'smart drugs' beforehand, it has been suggested.
A new course has been launched by Anglia Ruskin University that aims to meet the mental health and social needs of military veterans.
There's an unfounded gender stereotype that says women aren't as good at maths as men. Reminding them of this prior to a maths task usually undermines their performance - just one example of a harmful phenomenon known as stereotype threat.
Money spent on research into social and psychological interventions will be wasted unless researchers provide a full account of the methods used in academic journals.
A student is likely to perform just as well using digital materials as he or she is using a print book, new research has found.
Our Mathematics, Statistics & Computing Section is running a ‘hackathon’ at the Society office in London on Friday 21 June.
Psychology will attempt to improve reliability through a new protocol, which has been published as part of the Registered Replication Reports project.
Students of psychology should not rely too much on technology and forget about humanity as a consequence. This is according to Annette Karmiloff-Smith, a Professorial Research Fellow at the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development, Birkb
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