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The wearing of face veils (the niqab) by Muslim women has become a politically sensitive issue in recent years.
Frustration often causes people to grin, a new study has suggested.
People in the UK may be becoming more impatient when queuing up, it has been suggested.
What kind of profile picture do you have on Facebook? Is it a close-up shot of your lovely face with little background visible? Or is it zoomed out, so that you appear against a wider context?
The enactment of disgust is an inherently social event, argues a paper published in the British Journal of Social Psychology today.
Three Chartered Psychologists are running a session under the title ‘Going for Gold: Think like a winner’ at the Cheltenham Science Festival on 14 June. Professor David Lavallee, Marc Jones and Iain Greenlees will explore how athletes respond to and prepare for the stress of competition.
Most of us have done it - told someone their performance was great when it was in fact woeful. But whose ego were we protecting? Theirs or our own?
People who are rejected may be more likely to volunteer or give to a worthy cause, new findings have suggested.
Getting it wrong about the riots: why the official explanations and policy responses will only make things worse, a free Public Lecture by Professor Steve Reicher, a So
A new study reported on our Research Digest looks at the way people's emotional expressions can affect our own risk taking.
Bad moods can lead dieters to abandon their goals and eat something unhealthy in the hope it will improve their spirits, a study has found.
The 2014 Learning and Professional Development Directory is now available. Download the 2014 Directory. The 20
Astrologers need more scientific evidence to support the points they are making, suggests a Society member. 
Forming close friendships can bring both psychological and physiological benefits, new research has suggested.
People who treat time as money may find that their well-being is undermined as a result, new research has suggested.
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics mean that 2012 promises to be “the year of Britishness”, says Society Fellow Professor Dominic Abrams.
A study reported on our Research Digest suggests there are meaningful differences in the personality profiles of people who useTwitter and Facebo
Some men are able to manage their emotional manhood, which helps them covey a social identity to others, new research has suggested.
Group settings can serve to diminish expressions of intelligence, new research has suggested.
Social interactions can feel like walking a tight-rope, an excruciating pit of embarrassment always just one tiny misstep away. 
Gossip can bring psychological benefits and have positive outcomes, new research has found.
Good friends will often lie in order to help a mate save face.
More women than ever go out to work and yet surveys in western countries show that wives continue to take on the lion's share of domestic chores.
Psychologists have identified an important reason why our insight into our own psyches is so poor.
"Changing Social Psychology? Theory and Research in a Transforming World" Welcome to the Social Psychology Section Annual Conference 2012 Website. Keynote Speakers This year's Keynote Speakers are:
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