Psychology of Women

Reading and writing blogs can help relieve stress in new mothers, new research has suggested.
Overtly feminine science role models can backfire, according to a new study, as they may actually put off girls who have little existing interest in science and maths subjects.
There is a common misconception that young girls cannot physically compete with their male counterparts in sports, it has been suggested.
Whenever a major televised football tournament takes place, there are suggestions in the media that it may lead to an increase in domestic violence.
Perceptions of fatness in women’s faces correlate with their Body Mass Index (BMI), measures of their physical and reproductive health, and measures of their psychological functioning, research published in our
A House of Commons early day motion has been tabled calling for better support for mothers at risk of perinatal depression. It was put down by Annette Brooke, Liberal Democrat MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole.
Images of attractive female bodies are viewed as objects by both men and women, new research has shown.
Women who have less pressure placed on their appearance tend to have a more positive body image, new research has suggested.
The memory of female and younger athletes is particularly affected by concussion.
Males and females have different ideas when it comes to reasons for starting up their own businesses, new research has found. Psychologists from the University of Cincinnati's Carl H Linder College of Business discovered that while men decide on such an undertaking for financial benefits, women view the approach as a way to bring environmental and social change.
An increasing number of highly educated women are choosing to have children when in their late 30s and 40s.
The potentially harmful effect of ultra-thin models and air-brushed female celebrities on the body image and self-esteem of women is well documented. Could the increasing participation of women in professional sport prompt the media to p
One question people may be asking on Budget day is whether the British economy would perform better if there were more women on company boards.
Many women describe memory problems during the menopause - and new research has suggested these difficulties may be just as they seem.
Many women have anxieties when undressing in front of others, such as in public changing rooms.
Fertility is a major worry among women who are attempting to get pregnant - but these concerns are not shared to the same level by their male counterparts.
Denim jeans are the most commonly worn item of clothing by women when feeling depressed.
While men prefer to know when their partner is happy, women want their lover to understand when they are upset.
Young women who binge drink may become less likely to choose to engage in safe sexual practices, new findings have suggested.
Women who suffer migraines may be at a heightened risk of depression, new research has found.
A new support network for young victims of gang abuse is to be set up after funding for the initiative was confirmed.
The nature of prejudice against people from different backgrounds varies for men and women.
More women than ever go out to work and yet surveys in western countries show that wives continue to take on the lion's share of domestic chores.
Mothers who work are happier than those who tend to stay at home during the day, new research has suggested.
Hostile sexist attitudes are sometimes legitimised through magazines aimed at young men, new research has suggested.
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