Psychology of Women

People may be more likely to experience domestic violence if they have mental health disorders, new research has shown.
Postpartum women process stress differently from females who have not recently given birth.
Emotive voices can capture attention, but it is neutral tones that tend to sink in.
High levels of stress at home in early childhood can be linked to differences in brain function and anxiety in adolescent females.
Men and women appear to benefit in different ways to participating in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in order to maintain sobriety.
Benevolent sexism describes insidious behaviours and beliefs that reinforce the idea that women are less capable than men and need their help. It's a controversial idea.
Women who experience depression during pregnancy could be at increased risk of suicide in later life.
Females are keen to improve their lot at work and are not afraid to ask for a pay rise, a new study has shown.
Female peers have a significant influence on how women perceive their bodies and influence their concerns about matters such as weight and size.
People tend to find it easier to identify symptoms of depression in women more than men.
Traditional relationship patterns are being altered as more women continue their higher educational studies.
Conference themes include:● Citizenship● The Politics of Women’s Work● Sexualities● Feminism and the Life Cour
Women are more likely to express their feelings through emoticons in text messages than their male counterparts.
Women who kill their abusive partners are more likely to be perceived as guilty if they are deemed attractive.
Females tend to react more to negative news than their male counterparts.
Women are deciding to have children later in life because they are spending more time in education.
According to an influential and controversial theory, autism is the manifestation of an 'Extreme Male Brain'.
Women who return to work shortly after having children experience better mental and physical health in terms of mobility and energy at age 40 than their stay-at-home counterparts.
A leading British psychologist has advised caution over the news that a gene that predicts happiness in females has been identified.
A television show is to look at reasons why women rarely reach the top in the business world. BBC Two's Hilary Devey's Women at the Top sees Coventry University Professor and Chartered Psychologist, Rosalind Searle offering her thoughts on the subject.
It is not a selfish act for women to give birth later in life, it has been argued. Psychology reseracher Kirsty Budds noted it is not necessarily a l
Mothers who have full-time jobs play with their kids less than those who stay at home or are unemployed.
A study investigating addiction to binge drinking and joblessness has revealed an association between women who imbibe heavily and unemployment.
Psychological distress in female students is becoming an issue of increasing concern, new research has suggested.
Heterosexual relationships between a macho male and breadwinner female are not necessarily happy unions, as it has been revealed a woman's high salary might put an emotional strain on an alpha male partner.
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