This workshop is designed and delivered in order to enable delegates to better identify, assess and treat sleeping problems in their clients
The Psychobiology Section is celebrating its 33rd birthday in 2016 making this Annual Scientific Meeting our one-third of a century anniversary. Registration and abstract submissions at this extra special event will be open until 10th July.
Use client/participant biometric phone apps to collect/email data to you, for naturalistic data in daily life contexts for research/therapy. Timetable
Testosterone can have a significant impact with regard to social behaviour.
The Psychobiology Section held its Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) at the Low Wood, Windermere, on 5 to 7 September 2011.
The Society's Psychobiology Section Annual Scientific Meeting 2011 ready to receive abstract submissions for oral and poster presentations and submissions for the Undergraduate Project Prize. Timetable
What underlies our sense of time? A popular account claims an internal pacemaker emits regular pulses, which are detected by an accumulator. The amount of accumulated pulses represents the amount of time that's passed.
A healthy diet is imperative for dementia sufferers, it has been claimed.
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