People who are feeling under pressure and overloaded at work may be using the internet compulsively in their free time as a coping mechanism. That is the finding of research being presented today at our Division of Occupational Psychology's Annual Conference in Brighton.
It is a prerequisite of their job that nurses are compassionate and caring towards patients.
A new study has suggested that having clear goals in mind and revisiting them regularly can help people to stay on track with their new year fitness regimes, something that could help anyone heading to the gym this month.
Women across the country could be unwittingly holding themselves back in their careers because they are suffering from imposter syndrome, Rosalind Adler and Lea Sellers from Media Skills for Women have warned in an article for the
A trend showing greater equality in leadership in the UK was welcomed by the Professional Associations Research Network (PARN).
The colleagues a person spends each day with are more important in terms of their happiness levels than their managers, new research has suggested.
The Society has contributed to two consultations issued by NICE recently.
Business owners need to do more to ensure that women are getting into the top executive positions they deserve, according to experts at the recent Whitehall and Industry Group Gender Diversity Conference.
Earlier this month, Germany’s main political parties agreed to implement national quotas of at least 30 per cent of women filling board posts by 2016.
People whose working hours are not guaranteed each week may be happier than their counterparts on normal contracts, a new
New research has revealed the extent to which new mothers feel ostracised upon their return to the workplace.
Although the worst of the economic downturn appears to be over, employees' wellbeing could still be negatively affected by presenteeism, a new study has suggested.
Taking dedication to a job to the point of workaholism could be detrimental to performance rather than beneficial, according to a st
The Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology has announced this year’s annual award winners. The four awards celebrate and promote excellence in the practice of occupational psychology, the science of people at work.
New unemployment figures could provide a light at the end of the tunnel for UK workers who have feared for their jobs during the economic downturn.
In this workshop Dr Nigel Guenole will discuss how to conduct linkage research, i.e. how to accurately identify associations between engagement surveys and business performance.
The performance of a team relies not only on the talent of individual team members but also on the team architecture - the way the team is set up and organised. This workshop will look at the key team architecture components - the strategy an
Organisation culture is widely recognised as one of the most powerful drivers of business performance, and is arguably one of the most exciting and demanding areas to work in occupational psychology.  This workshop will equip participants to
This course provides an opportunity to acquire the skills involved in Repertory Grid technique design, elicitation and analysis.
It’s a commonly held belief that some people are creative and innovative, and others are of a more analytical, process oriented inclination, and that once these approaches are established as typical cognitive patterns in adults - if not as part of
Evidence-based practice (EBP) is an approach, or rather set of approaches, to practice.  First applied in medicine around 20 years ago it has since been adopted by other fields ranging from criminology to education to management and is relati
This page contains information about vacancies for contract for services and consultancy posts. 
Best practice in diagnosing and assessing adults with neuro-diverse conditions and how these conditions may present during diagnostic assessment in the workplace. Timetable
Employee satisfaction can be boosted when workers are provided with bonuses to help others, new research has suggested.
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