Frustration often causes people to grin, a new study has suggested.
Stress is a primary factor behind increasing levels of long-term absence from the workplace in the UK.
Coaches at the Olympics will play a key role in motivating their athletes to help them achieve optimal performances. But effective coaching is vital in many other performance environments, such as the military and education. 
A person's gut feelings can often heavily influence the financial decisions they make, new research has suggested.
Unemployed people are more likely to be depressed than otherwise similar individuals who have a job.
Many people in the UK choose to skip work in order to watch sports, new research has found.
Global business leaders are in the dark when it comes to understanding what talent looks like, a Chartered Psychologist told the Association of Business Psychologists 2012 Confe
Women are more affected than their male counterparts when it comes to sexual competition in the workplace, new research has suggested.
Males and females have different ideas when it comes to reasons for starting up their own businesses, new research has found. Psychologists from the University of Cincinnati's Carl H Linder College of Business discovered that while men decide on such an undertaking for financial benefits, women view the approach as a way to bring environmental and social change.
If you are a current candidate using the 2012 handbook for the Qualification in Occupational Psychology (Stage 2), the below information is vital to your studies:
If you put on a front at work – don't worry, it probably won't do you any harm. But it is important to show your true self to your partner if you want to be healthy and happy.
Times of recession see work-related stress levels rise significantly.
If you are a current candidate using the 2010 handbook for the Qualification in Occupational Psychology (Stage 2), the below information is vital to your studies:
Having dogs in the workplace can serve to reduce stress levels among employees, new research has indicated. A study published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management has found that job satisfaction goes up in businesses where dogs are allowed.
People may become more emotionally exhausted if they feel the need to remain in a job out of a sense of obligation, new research has suggested.
Extreme worker tiredness could be on the increase, with people struggling to meet evolving job and operational demands at a time when needs for rest have remained the same.
In order to be a supervisor for the Society’s Qualification in Occupational Psychology (Stage 2) you must:
Prospective Candidates Please note that as of 1 January 2012 all candidates are enrolled under the 2012 handbook regulations. 
Absenteeism may be reduced in workplaces where supervisors offer high levels of support to staff members, new research has suggested.
British Summer Time began on Sunday 25 March as the clocks went forward an hour. But what effect will this have on workers’ productivity? A recent post on our Research Digest blog looked at the effect that this change has on ‘cyberloafing’ – that is frittering away time looking at websites not related to the task in hand.
One question people may be asking on Budget day is whether the British economy would perform better if there were more women on company boards.
Individuals often assume that just because a decision is difficult to make, such a choice therefore goes up in importance.
'Cyberloafing' means frittering away work time on an unrelated online activity, whether it be web comics, perusing news sites or watching the 1982 snooker championship final.
Employees who are healthy and motivated are more likely to be productive on the job, it has been suggested.
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