Our Occupational Digest discusses a new paper on on emotional labour.
People feel bored when they are unable to engage in satisfying activity.
The importance of hindsight bias should not be dismissed.
Many people who are laid off by a company would be willing to put any ill feeling behind them and return to their former employer.
Bosses may not be to blame for the stress individuals feel at work.
Employers could make a number of adjustments to their workplace to benefit staff with mental health issues.
People may be more likely to change if they are nudged towards something rather than told to do it.
Feeling blue on a Monday is considered common, but new research has revealed workers experience similar misery every day of the week except for Friday.
Serving customers with a smile must be tough if you're not in the mood. In the end, though, sales employees who are more smiley may end up reaping the benefit.
A television show is to look at reasons why women rarely reach the top in the business world. BBC Two's Hilary Devey's Women at the Top sees Coventry University Professor and Chartered Psychologist, Rosalind Searle offering her thoughts on the subject.
Having friends at work is more important then earning lots of money, new research has suggested.
Positive emotion displayed by staff members working in retail can have a contagious effect on consumers.
Mothers who have full-time jobs play with their kids less than those who stay at home or are unemployed.
The Going Green Working Group is proud to announce their forthcoming conference on Green Sustainability Initiatives in the workplace. The event is open to members of the public and professionals from all fields.
The Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register is provided by OSHCR Ltd.  The register is a means by which our members can demonstrate their professional standing and experience in occupational health and safety.
A study investigating addiction to binge drinking and joblessness has revealed an association between women who imbibe heavily and unemployment.
New European Union (EU) plans say companies may need to assess the psychological health of their workers when considering restructuring.
Anxiety can be an important contributor to employees taking time off work, new
People working in the retail sector are less likely to steal from their employer when handed a higher wage, new research has suggested.
Even the smallest suggestion of opportunity can distort perceptions of fairness, new research has found.
Researchers from the University of Akron (UA) and Michigan State University have developed a new measure of arrogance for bosses.
Summer represents a time when Brits not only look forward to enjoying warmer weather at home, but also get excited about the prospect of jetting off to sunnier climes overseas.
Overconfidence can sometimes be a dangerous characteristic, new research has suggested.
Bosses should attempt to understand the personalities of their employees in order to improve performance, a new study has suggested.
Dealing with stress at work could be putting women at risk of a serious medical problem.
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