New research suggests that the more prone managers are to that imposter feeling, the more they choose to delegate tasks to those who also feel unworthy.
That increasingly common end-of-day feeling: of physically leaving the office, only for it to tag along home.
Event information We are thrilled to offer the opportunity to attend a free 2 hour interactive workshop.  This workshop is aimed at students, practitioners, academics and anyone interested in mindfulness in the workplace in order to e
Event information We are thrilled to offer the opportunity to attend a free 2 hour interactive workshop.
Event Information Conflict between work and personal life has become the number one workplace health concern, with serious implications for wellbeing of employees and the functioning of organisations.
If you overheard someone at work refer to you as "a real political operator", would you feel complimented, or alarmed?
One of the most important characteristics of successful teams is that team members believe in their collective potential – also known as 'team potency'. But what can be done to foster this shared belief?
Aims & working programme: Through a series of presentations and discussion sessions we wish to:
We are thrilled to offer the opportunity to attend a free 2 hour interactive workshop.  The session is aimed at students, practitioners, academics and anyone interested in getting young people in the UK into good employment.
A day of interactive workshops aimed at psychologists, sustainability professionals and anyone interested in exploring ideas around engagement and behaviour change in relation to sustainability.
Human error is now the leading cause of plane crashes, and one of the principal factors that provokes pilots to make mistakes is stress. 
Issues around psychology and employment came to the fore during June, with a report on ‘coercive strategy’ in UK government workfare programmes, a demonstration against the placement of psychologists in job centres, and statements on the topi
The Society is concerned that psychological tools are being misused in the UK benefits system and could lead to results that lack validity, efficacy or fairness.
People with low self-belief are liable to hold on to negative assumptions about themselves despite concrete evidence of the contrary; that is, they fail to "generalise from success".
A new report suggests that people claiming unemployment benefits are being coerced in to undertaking psychological interventions.
The British Psychological Society’s Presidential team has expres
The government should commission an ‘end-to-end redesign’ of the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) process, says a new briefing paper from the British Psychological Society.
This week (31 May – 6 June) is Work Wise Week 2015 and Dr Roxane Gervais, chair of the British Psychological Society's Division of Occupational Psychology, has written a blog post on the Work Wise Week website.
Patents, citations, and copyright all indicate how much it matters to people that they can claim an idea as their own.
People’s evaluation of the International Olympic Commission’s decision to award London the 2012 Olympic Games depended on two potentially problematic reasons - how big a success people felt the Games had been and on how foreseeable a positive outc
Malcolm Gladwell’s influential book The Tipping Point popularised the notion that ideas, products and movements owe popular success to opinion leaders: people who are highly connected via weak ties to others, persuasive in character, and an expert
The editors of the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology have put together a free virtual issue on the work-family inte
If you want a dynamic workforce, seek not the young, but the young at heart. That’s the message of a new study that surveyed over 15,000 employees from 107 companies to determine how subjective age influences workplace performance.
The President of the British Psychological Society has welcomed a statement on the crash of Germanwings flight 9525 from EFPA – the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations. Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes said:
Male job applicants who are perceived to have high levels of leadership potential are rated as a better employment prospect than women with proven leadership track records suggests a study funded by a 2014 British Psychological Society (BPS) Undergraduate Research Assistantship Scheme grant.
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