If the government’s proposed strategy for helping people with long-term health conditions is to be a success then there will need to be more health psychologists and vastly enhanced training in psychological skills and interventions in the wider h
Depression is among the main causes of sleepiness during the daytime, new research has suggested.
The presence of a loved one at a doctor's appointment may be detrimental if the patient suffers from mental health issues.
Perceptions of fatness in women’s faces correlate with their Body Mass Index (BMI), measures of their physical and reproductive health, and measures of their psychological functioning, research published in our
People who attempt to change one of their bad habits may find the action helps to alter other tendencies they wish to rid themselves of.
An individual's personality could be associated with living longer, new research has suggested.
The memory of female and younger athletes is particularly affected by concussion.
Starting puberty at an early age could increase the likelihood of girls experiencing psychological problems in later life.
2011 was a special year for the Division of Health Psychology, as it marked the 25th anniversary of Health Psychology in the BPS, having started out as the Health Psychology Section in December 1986, become a Special Group in 1992 and finally a Di
Unwarranted public anxiety about vaccinations can have deadly consequences, but the challenge of communicating health risks is full of psychological complexity.
People with arthritis may be more prone to anxiety and depression, a study has found.
Guidelines produced by the British Psychological Society have been highlighted as a useful resource for those looking to delve deeper into the issue of consent regarding end of life care.
An article in the British Journal of Nursing uses the case study of an 18-year-old track athlete with a chronic Achilles tendinopathy to identify risk factors associated with training for major athletic events, such as the forthcoming Olympic Games. It also presents evidence for adopting a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment and management of athletic injury, addressing the physical aspects of the injury, as well as the psychological needs of the athlete.
Stress can serve as a trigger for symptoms of epilepsy, new research has suggested.
A University of Stirling Professor of Psychology has received a prestigious social sciences prize.
A psychology student from the University of Bath is hoping to secure greater funding for research relating to type 1 diabetes.
Extreme worker tiredness could be on the increase, with people struggling to meet evolving job and operational demands at a time when needs for rest have remained the same.
The government has revealed it is to offer £4 million of funding in an attempt to change behavioural practices regarding some of the biggest health problems in the UK.
We tend to think that the symptoms of Lyme disease consist of a skin rash, followed by flu-like symptoms. But this infectious disease, spread to humans by tick bites, can have serious mental health and neuropsychological implications too.
Unhealthy teenagers in the UK may be more likely to be unhappy in their day-to-day lives, judging by new findings.
Employees who are healthy and motivated are more likely to be productive on the job, it has been suggested.
Women who suffer migraines may be at a heightened risk of depression, new research has found.
People who work together could find the approach beneficial when attempting to lose weight.
The 2014 Learning and Professional Development Directory is now available. Download the 2014 Directory. The 20
Many clinical and health psychologist now have some experience and knowledge of methods from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) or mindfulness-based approaches.
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