Many people are at risk of becoming highly annoyed due to noise pollution.
Women who return to work shortly after having children experience better mental and physical health in terms of mobility and energy at age 40 than their stay-at-home counterparts.
The memory of a non-smoker could be damaged if they live with a cigarette user, new research has found.
The new National Clinical Stroke Guideline was launched at the joint British Association of Stroke Physicians and Royal College Physicians event today, Thursday 27 September.
Giving healthy foods attractive names could make them more appealing to children, new research has suggested.
People may be more likely to change if they are nudged towards something rather than told to do it.
Young carers need to be given more support at school, a new report says.
Children who suffer from asthma may be more likely to be subjected to bullying than those without the condition.
People who play on games consoles like the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox-Kinect are more likely to want to take more exercise, and just watching others play can encourage you to take exercise too.
Time spent on social networking sites comes at the expense of other activities – including physical activity.
Patients who fail to lose weight while taking anti-obesity drugs do so because of their beliefs about themselves and about the difficulty of losing weight.
Chronic stress may be linked to a greater risk of suffering a stroke, new research has suggested.
There are mental health benefits to telling fewer lies, new research has suggested.
Skin conditions could be prevented with the help of psychological interventions, new research has suggested.
Dr Julianna Challenor CPsychol reviews “My Kidney and Me”, shown on More 4  on Monday 6 August
There is a link between stress and lower life expectancy, new research has suggested.
Behavioural therapies can help to successfully treat chronic fatigue syndrome, new research has suggested.
Parents take more offence when certain terms are used to describe their children than when others are, new research has found.
Dealing with stress at work could be putting women at risk of a serious medical problem.
New research has suggested childhood abuse might be connected to obesity in later life.
Care Services Minister Paul Burstow will say that loneliness among older people is a major health issue and the government should do more to tackle the problem when he speaks at the Campaig
The government is to produce a declaration against female genital mutilation (FGM) that will state that the practice is a criminal offence, including when a British citizen is outside the UK, and what the penalties are for anyone found committing
An injured Liverpool footballer must overcome a psychological hurdle if he is to return to the level of performance he achieved prior to damaging his knee.
Labour can last a lot longer for women with a fear of childbirth than those who are not afraid of the prospect.
The European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (EFPA) will hold its first health psychology conference from 20 until 21 September 2012 in Brussels, Belgium.
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