Attending school plays an important role in improving children's physical health, new research has suggested.
Young, physically active men may be at risk of developing an Adonis Complex because of an obsession with matching society’s idea of the perfect body. That is the conclusion of research presented today, at the Annual Conference of our Division of Health Psychology in Brighton, by Mike Eynon from the University of the West of Scotland.
Standardised cigarette packaging may reduce acute cravings and are associated with less favourable perceptions of appeal, taste, popularity and motivation to buy than branded packs. 
Dentists need the support of health psychologists to enhance patients’ satisfaction with their appearance before they embark on aesthetic dental procedures.
People are choosing to adopt healthier lifestyles later in life, new research has suggested.
The Division of Health Psychology are plea
A teenager's quality of life may suffer as a result of them not getting enough sleep.
Moderate wine consumption may be linked with a lower risk of depression, new research has indicated.
A belief in conspiracy theories may influence parents' intentions to have their children vaccinated against diseases such as measles.
Many people in the UK attend slimming clubs in the hope that doing so will lead to improved body confidence.
The safety of patients has to be the number one priority for the NHS in England, it has been claimed.
People who are more outgoing during their younger years are more likely to lead happier lives when they are older.
Earlier this week a review led by NHS England medical director Sir Bruce Keogh looked at the standards of care at the 14 hospital trusts with the worst death rates. As a result, 11 of the trusts under investigation were placed on special measures.
The British Psychological Society has welcomed NHS England’s “call to action” to engage the public, clinicians and patients in the development of ideas to meet increased demand and address the projected £30bn funding gap.
Women at risk of suffering post-natal depression (PND) could be identified thanks to a new blood test costing just £10.00.
Impulsive young people are more likely to drink heavily than those who are more considered in their actions, new research has suggested.
Wales is to become the first country in the UK to adopt an organ donation opt-out system.
A person's perception of the effect stress has on their health may influence the likelihood of them suffering a heart attack, new research has suggested.
Going through the menopause can have an impact on a woman's memory.
Bullying among young people has been identified as a public health problem by an expert panel.
An individual's beliefs are linked to the expanding obesity crisis, new research has suggested.
The impact that work stress has on a person's health could be countered by leading a better lifestyle.
Men who are usually sexually conservative can be swayed by subtle sexual clues, new research has found.
Workplace and financial stress can result in people making poor health choices.
Having a healthy lifestyle could help to reduce the likelihood of a person experiencing memory problems later in life, new research has indicated.
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