Male prisoners in England and Wales are to have numerous privileges taken from them when they are first sent behind bars.
This workshop will cover understanding trauma, including defining trauma and the neurology and psychology of trauma and trauma and domestic violence, including trauima and victimisation, trauma and perpetration and working with traumatised individ
Any efforts to tackle the problem of online dating scams should take the emotional state of the person being conned into account.
The idea that police on our streets makes people feel safer is usually taken as a given.
Aggression in men is not linked to the shape of their face.
Imagine you are on a jury: would you trust the testimony of a drunk eyewitness?
Forget shifty eyes or fidgety fingers, psychology research has shown that these supposed signs of lying are unreliable. Liars easily learn to make eye contact, and anxiety can make honest people shift nervously.
The NHS Commissioning Board is recruiting chairs and clinical members to the clinical reference groups for all of the specialised services that it will play a direct r
New laws have been introduced to tackle stalking in England and Wales.
Systematic assessment of the risk of harm to self and others is now generally accepted to be a crucial component in the effective management of individuals with a history of harmful behaviour.  Using the method of structured professional judg
This workshop aims to develop knowledge and practice in the area of self-harm and suicidal behaviour in forensic settings.
This workshop will explore current national and international research and practice on preventing sexual violence.
Examining Models of Assessing Victims in Order to Treat Them Effectively
Today sees the publication of a major new report by a Chartered Psychologist on the impact that acquired brain injuries can have on young people in childhood and in their transition to adulthood. It also outlines the criminal justice consequences if these injuries go untreated.
Examining Models of Assessing Victims in Order to Treat Them Effectively
This workshop would be of benefit to any professionals who work in a forensic setting (e.g. psychologists, probation officers, nurses, prison officers).
This workshop provides an opportunity for practitioner psychologists to learn how to use the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI).
This workshop will explore the current and developing roles of the educational and clinical psychology working within a particular Youth Offending Team.  Provisional timetable
Women who kill their abusive partners are more likely to be perceived as guilty if they are deemed attractive.
Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control this workshop has been cancelled. The workshop presents an integrated approach to understanding personality development by illustrating theory into an applied understanding.
The day will cover an introduction to qualitative research methodologies generally and provide an overview of some specific qualitative approaches (for example, Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA), Grounded Theory, Thematic Analysis,
The 22nd Division of Forensic Psychology Annual Conference will be held in 2013 at Queens University Belfast.  We are very excited to hold this event for the first time in Northern Ireland and it will be our pleasure to welcome you to this wo
Coventry University has held a conference to celebrate 10 years of forensic psychology research and learning.
Although highly effective, the Cognitive Interview can be an impractical way of obtaining information from eye-witnesses and it often goes unused.
The LIFEMATTERS HP-V program is a set of tools to help healthcare professionals in training and in practice learn how to:
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