Education and Child Psychology

Both off and online bullying can have a marked impact on young people, new research has found.
There is a strong link between a child's personality and the grades they achieve at school, new research has suggested.
Teenagers who develop caring friendships are more likely to want to make a difference with their life, new research has suggeste
Ignoring W.C. Fields' advice to "never work with children or animals", a team of researchers in the USA has done both at once in a research paper that compares children's interest in live animals against their interest in toys.
Enjoying a positive family life during teen years could be connected to the relationship those adolescents experience when they reach adulthood.
A new longitudinal study has been given extra support thanks to a £3.5 million funding boost from the Economic and Social Research Council.
Professor Peter Fonagy, Freud Memorial Professor of Psychoanalysis at University College London and Chief Executive of the Anna Freud Centre, is to receive the Society's 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award.
Children considered cool may be more likely to bully than those of lower social standing in the classroom.
Parents often lie to their children in an effort to get them to behave.
Young people tend to have traditional views when it comes to marriage, new research has shown.
Popular children are often unconsciously avoided by their classmates, new research has shown.
New NICE guidance suggests that signs of psychosis and schizophrenia in children and young people need to be identified early to ensure they receive the treatment and care they need to live with the condition.
The Division of Educational and Child Psychology (DECP) promotes the professional interests of educational and child psychologists. We aim to develop psychology as a profession and as a body of knowledge and skills.
Being motivated could be of greater importance than intelligence when it comes to academic achievement, new research has suggested.
The Scottish Division of Educational Psychology (SDEP) promotes the professional interests of educational psychologists in Scotland.
In 1913 the first applied psychologist took up his post with the London County Council. His job was to assess children for special educational programmes and develop tools to indentify children who might need alternative kinds of education.
Autistic children who are the subject of bullying could face short-term emotional consequences, new
Two psychologists from Cambridgeshire, in partnership with Cambridge University, have developed an app for the iPad and iPhone to help children learn to read.
Most parents do not worry if their young child has an imaginary friend and even see advantages in such an invisible companion.
More sensitive mothers have children who tend to have more disturbed sleep, at least in their first two years.
Children who are kind tend to be happier than their more selfish peers, new research has suggested.
New research carried out by Nicole Campione-Barr, an Assistant Professor of Psychological Science in the College of Arts and Science at the University of Missouri has
Girls tend to perform better at school compared to their male peers because of their behaviour in the classroom, new research has suggested.
Psychological therapies may benefit children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Behaviour in adolescence could be impacted by the wider economic conditions of a young person's childhood.
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