Developmental Psychology

Laboratory research pioneered by psychologist Carol Dweck has shown the short-term benefits of praising children for their efforts rather than their inherent traits.
Adopted children who may have suffered abuse and neglect could be about to benefit from a new funding opportunity.
More than 100 teachers, writers and academics signed a letter in this morning’s Daily Telegraph arguing that the gover
Face blindness, which is otherwise known as prosopagnosia and is characterised by impairments regarding face recognition, could be temporarily improved thanks to inhalation of the hormone oxytocin.
A child's behaviour can improve as a result of them being encouraged to make music, research has suggested.
Mindfulness training can help to improve a child's attention span, new research has suggested.
A small number of people ‘see’ colours with different numbers and letters and this may give them an advantage at learning subtle patterns that the rest of us miss, suggests an study presented last week at the British Psychological Society’s Joint Cognitive and Developmental annual conference in Reading.
Being able to speak two languages would prove beneficial for children from lower income families, new research has suggested.
A study presented at the BPS Joint Cognitive and Developmental Psychology Section annual conference this week suggests that mums are more likely to see playing with their child as an opportunity for learning and development compared to dads who see play as an opportunity for fun and bonding.
The capacity for animosity between child siblings is legendary. Psychologist Judy Dunn has described the "devastating lack of inhibition". Stephen Bank and Michael Kahn wrote about a relationship "emotionally charged with murderous intention."
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Babies with divorced or separated parents who spend one or more nights each week away from their mothers develop more insecure attachments than infants who only saw their fathers during the day.
Babies are able to understand the actions of others at an earlier age than previously thought.
A child's exercise and eating habits are heavily influenced by their home environment, new research has foun
Children begin to feel peer pressure much earlier than psychologists have previously suspected, according to a new study led by scientists from the Universi
Never mind increasingly violent video games or the ever-present danger of an uncensored internet, a far more insidious and unexpected change is afoot that could be affecting our children's emotional development.
Babies in the womb practise facial expressions of pain as a way of learning to communicate after birth.
Some of the most popular videos on YouTube are of would-be thieves getting their comeuppance, either knocked-out by brave store-keepers or caught out by their own dazzling ineptitude.
Preterm birth could have a negative impact on a child's cognitive ability.
Picture books can be very important for a child's development, new research has shown.
If their father is depressed, children will benefit if he has a high level of emotional intimacy in his marriage.
Publication of US psychiatry's updated diagnostic code has provoked renewed debate in recent weeks over the extent to which mental illness ought to be framed as a psychosocial or a biological problem.
A child's emotional and behavioural problems may be impacted differently depending on how they understand conflicts between their parents.
The Society has responded to a House of Commons Public Bill Committee call for written evidence regarding the Children and Families Bill. In our memorandum, we welcomed the proposal that it is the duty of health bodies to bring certain children with special education needs to the attention of local authorities.
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