The theme of Dying Matters Awareness Week, which runs from 18-24 May 2015, is 'Talk, Plan, Live'. During the week, the Dying Matters coalition will be encouraging members of the public to take five simple steps to make their end-of-life experience better, both for them and for their loved ones.
Division of Clinical Psychology - South Central Branch CPD Event
The Division of Clinical Psychology's Children, Young People and their Families Faculty are pleased to open registration for this study day.
Research from a team of psychologists led by Dr John Drury from the University of Sussex underpins the current NATO guidance on psychosocial care for people caught up in emergencies and disasters.
As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Division of Clinical Psychology, DCP Wales is delighted to be able to host an event with Professor Marsha Linehan who is a leading expert and designer of a well-evidenced and NICE supported Diale
Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes, President of the British Psychological Society, cooments following the second earthquake in Nepal::
Stigma is a problem for all forms of mental illness, but arguably obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) – a condition that at its most severe can ruin lives – is subject to a disproportionate amount of trivialisation and ridicule.
At the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week 2015 the British Psychological Society's Presidential team has called on the government to recognise the impact of war, poverty, social divisions, inequity and the abuse of fundamental human rights on psychological health, and to do all that it can to combat these evils. 
A workshop by Anna Brazier & Andrew Vidgen This workshop will focus on theory and skills in providing supervision and consultation to groups and teams in health and social care settings.
A workshop by Anna Brazier & Andrew Vidgen This workshop will focus on theory and skills in providing supervision and consultation to groups and teams in health and social care settings.
A participant in the television series The Undateables is one of the keynote speakers at the Annual Conference of the Faculty for People with Intellectual Disabilities.
Event Overview and Aims As psychologists the roles we take within acute settings are multi-faceted. Indeed, for many of us the varied nature of the work is what attracted us to the profession in the first place.
A British Medical Journal editorial on serotonin and depression, which made the claim that newer SSRI antidepressants are less effective than older tricyclic drugs, has been met with criticism from psychologists and psychiatrists.
The effectiveness of long-term injectable antipsychotics, preschool-onset depression and self-harm in adolescents are among the subjects under discussion in the May 2015 issue of Evidence-Based Mental Health (EBMH).
Psychologists have documented a striking increase in references to alcohol and heavy drinking in the lyrics of UK chart music.
More than 400 psychologists, counsellors and academics have signed an open letter condemning the ‘profoundly disturbing’ psychological implications of the coalition government’s austerity and welfare reform measures.
Event Overview This conference marks the launch of an NHS Choices video for health professionals commissioned by the Department of Health to increase understanding of the psychological aspects of working with women who have experienced fem
We have taken our seats on DCP Executive Committee and have become involved in matters of relevance to the GTiCP.
This year we have continued on exploring ways for us to develop ourselves as a professional body that leads the way on standards for forensic clinical psychological services.  We have committed to revising the guidance for Clinical Training C
The Faculty has organised three CPD events in 2014. The first of these was a Northern Region event held in Sheffield on 27 March 2014.
This has been a very busy year for the Faculty for People with Intellectual Disabilities.  We have continued to work in 4 main areas:  the National Arena, Working in Partnership with other organisations, working with the BPS/DCP and supp
The Dorset Hub of the British Psychological Society’s Wessex Branch and Bournemouth University are staging a cyberpsychology symposium. The event takes place on the afternoon of Thursday 7 May at the university’s Talbot Campus in Poole.
Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes, President Elect of the British Psychological Society, is to chair a conference on ‘Mental Health: Achieving Parity of Esteem’ at The Mermaid in London on 27 May.
The Faculty’s strategic objectives which align to the DCP’s core purpose and high level aims are: 
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