A Fellow of the British Psychological Society has helped produce new guidance relating to the social and emotional wellbeing of children.
The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) has strongly welcomed the Welsh government's Together for Mental Health strategy.
This workshop is for people who wish to learn more about mindfulness and mindfulness-based approached.
The conference will be of interest to aspiring, trainee and qualified clinical psychologists and consultant clinical psychologists as the theme is on leadership opportunities and challenges for clinical psychologists over the next decade. 
This event is fully booked.
A minister in the Holyrood government has spoken of the important part that evidence-based psychology interventions will play in implementing Scotland’s new mental health strategy.
The course will begin with an introduction to the science of sleep and then go on to described the various types of insomnia, backed up by use of case examples; before introducing a range of assessment and treatment options.
This workshop will strike a balance between the facilitators’ sharing their knowledge of working in the UK and Cambodia and encouraging participants to share and reflect upon their own practice.
Formulation is a key competence for all clinical psychologists. Team formulation is a more recent and specialised development in the area. There are a number of current projects and evaluations by the facilitators and others.
A good supervisory relationship (SR) is key to successful supervision, and this workshop will focus on how to develop and maintain a good SR, and will highlight various challenges to this process.
Clinical supervision is a key part of the training of mental health professionals, and is seen as a necessary requirement for maintaining standards post-qualification (e.g.
This workshop will outline the Timid to Tiger approach to managing anxiety in children aged nine years or below. Timid to Tiger is an entirely parenting-based approach.
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an active, multi-dimensional, empirically validated psychological treatment for resolving the emotional sequelae of traumatic events and for treating anxiety-based disorders caused by trauma,
People are increasingly moving across national borders and becoming resident in countries where they may not be fluent in the national language.
Today sees the publication of a major new report by a Chartered Psychologist on the impact that acquired brain injuries can have on young people in childhood and in their transition to adulthood. It also outlines the criminal justice consequences if these injuries go untreated.
Qualitative Research Methods will cover a wide range of methods including Qualitative Interviewing incl.
People employed in artistic or scientific professions receive more treatment for mental health issues than the general population, according to a new 
Leadership of Psychological therapy services, teams and departments has never been more important, yet many in the Applied Psychology professions believe their core training leaves them ill-equipped for the challenge.
This workshop focuses on the challenges childhood and parental illness poses to children, parents and couples, outlining ways of intervening at times of difficulty.
This two-day workshop will offer participants a firm foundation for working with PTSD using Trauma-Focused CBT, underpinned by a relational philosophy.
Story telling is such a natural part of our culture and school activity that stories can be used in a very natural way, helping the child feel less pathologised.
Annual Review of Psychology The Annual Review of Psychology, in publication since 1950, covers significant developments in the many areas of psychological study, including research m
This workshop will explore the current and developing roles of the educational and clinical psychology working within a particular Youth Offending Team.  Provisional timetable
Over 100,000 people in the UK experience a stroke each year. Physical problems after stroke can include inability to walk, and to wash and dress independently.
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