New research has found people with severe mental health problems may not be getting the care they need for physical conditions.
A person's memory can be adversely affected by exposure to organophosphates, new research has shown.
  Empowerment and the Human Spirit: Widening the Evidence Base Yn galluogi'r'n ddynol hysbryd: Yn lledu'r braw seilia The Division of Counselling Psycholo
“Mental health has an institutional disadvantage in health and care services,” said health minister Norman Lamb on Thursday. He was speaking at the Psychological Therapies in the NHS 2012 conference organised by the New Savoy Partnership at the Mermaid Conference and Events Centre in London.
Poor working conditions can negatively impact a person's mental health to the same degree as unemployment, new research has found.
Mental health problems among doctors appear to be under-treated, new research has shown.
A new National Statistics report on the psychology services workforce in NHSScotland has been published.
Self-imagination, or imagining something from a personal perspective, can be an effective means of helping people to recognise things or retrieve information at the appropriate time.
Watch a child draw and they can seem so absorbed, their brow furrowed in blissful concentration. It seems an ideal way for them to cope with negative emotion.
An approach to the behavioural symptoms of dementia has been set out following research into this area of study.
Women who experience depression during pregnancy could be at increased risk of suicide in later life.
The workshop will introduce participants to research and practice in team formulation, and will use examples and exercises to develop confidence and skills in this area.
This event is fully booked. 
The number of first-aiders specialising in dealing with mental health problems is on the rise, with those receiving training in Wales for such conditions reaching 10,000 this week alone.
Research with people who have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is often impersonal. Participants' thoughts, feelings and behaviours are reduced to ticked boxes on a questionnaire.
Mental health is to be given parity with physical health under the first NHS Mandate, which was published yesterday. 
People tend to find it easier to identify symptoms of depression in women more than men.
Being neurotic could prove good for a person's health, under certain circumstances.
Many soldiers who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) also have undiagnosed chronic vision problems.
Care for people diagnosed with schizophrenia in England is falling "catastrophically short" and requires a major overhaul, an independent inquiry has concluded.
As well as a full and varied academic programme, this year’s Division of Clinical Psychology Annual Conference will see two public lectures aimed at the wider public.
20 February 2013 Theme: Formulation and Beyond:  Clinical Psychology in inpatient CAMHS
'The Youth of Today': Service User and Professional Perspectives Confirmed Speakers Organic vs Acquired: Differential Diagnosis of Social Communication Difficulties
Depression among sportspeople is gradually becoming less of a stigma as more men and women who play professional sport come forward and share their own battles with mental health problems.
This workshop has been cancelled This participatory workshop is intended for experienced psychologists, who lead, manage, supervise and coach, to consider complex issues brought about through gender-relations across organi
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